Lanzarote Photo Gallery // 27.08.2017 – 07.09.2017

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you’re all well – it’s been a minute since my last post!

Thankfully I have good reason for it; I’ve been holidaying in Lanzarote, and although I’m sad to be back in the UK (have you SEEN this weather?!) I’ve returned with lots of photos (and blog ideas) that I can’t wait to share with you all.

First things first, I have a few holiday snaps to share with you…



I stayed in Matagorda, 10 minutes away from the airport and Arrecife, the capital of the island. It is also about a 25 minute walk away from Puerto Del Carmen, which is a very popular resort with the British.


This is my little brother and his girlfriend. We visited Los Hervideros a few days after we arrived on the island. Los Hervideros, or ‘The Boiling Pots’ are a collection of underwater caves produced by solidified lava and eroded by the sea over hundreds of years. The attraction is a few minutes drive away from El Golfo, situated towards the south of the island, as though you were heading for Playa Blanca.

The patterns on the rock and the power of the sea crashing against it makes Los Hervideros quite an incredible place to visit. It is also something a little different to the other attractions, such as Timanfaya, in that it is free and it’s a little more ‘off the beaten track’.

Lanza 11Lanza 10Lanza 927805536_unknown27806080_unknown27805584_unknown27805872_unknown

Lanza 8

Heading for Los Hervideros, we passed a salt mine which a lot of people tend to stop and take a look at before heading to the Pots. I’ve never bought any salt from here, but I suspect it would be pretty good to cook with!

Lanza 12

Next, we visited El Golfo and Lago Verde.

The site is a half-submerged cone of a volcano, which, like Los Hervideros, has been eroded by the sea to create the spectacular curves and layers visible in the rock. The green lagoon is filled with micro-organisms and volcanic minerals which are thought to be entirely unique to the lake.

Lanza 4Ashley Lanza 1Lanza 6


Lanza 3

This beach was also used to film scenes in One Million Years BC, because of its rugged landscape.

Lanza 2

Some shots of the scenery while heading up to Mirador Del Rio.


Although we arrived while all the tourist attractions were closed due to strike action, we were still able to see the incredible view of La Graciosa (an island just off the north of Lanzarote). Normally we would visit Mirador Del Rio which is another balcony viewpoint designed by the famous Canarian artist Cesar Manrique.


Speaking of Cesar, we finally got to visit his home this time. Cesar was (and still is) an incredibly influential artist on the island; he was very heavily involved in developing the Lanzarote tourist industry while also maintaining its Canarian culture.

Manrique died in 1992 as a result of a car crash in Tehiche, from there his homes in Haria and Tehiche were opened up for tourists to visit as part of the Cesar Manrique Foundation. The foundation works to keep Manrique legacy alive, while also promote new up and coming artists in the Canaries.

Out of respect, visitors are asked not to take photographs of the inside of the house and his studio, but are welcome to photograph the outside garden area and pool. I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to move in to a house so badly. It was absolutely stunning and incredibly modern given he had lived in Haria and Tahiche since the 70’s.


We also made a brief stop at Arrecife Marina, because living on a boat and working at a marina back home means I have a slight interest in boating… just a small one.


So that’s it for part ONE of my photo gallery.

I took so many pictures that WordPress just couldn’t handle it, so lucky for you I’ve had to split it into two posts – keep an eye out for the next one coming soon!

Have you visited Lanzarote, if so, where did you go and what did you think of it? Comment below and let me know!

Till next time, 

love, Leigh 


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