Recipe: Cheesy Breaded Chicken and Creamy Parmesan Pasta

Hi Lovelies,

It has been a long-ass time since I actually did my own recipe post. Sure I’ve written about plenty of places in Chester, but I haven’t shared anything for a while.

So today I’m going to be serving you a super quick and easy recipe I always turn to when I fancy something super comforting and indulgent, Cheesy Breaded Chicken and Creamy Pasta.


2 Large Chicken Breasts

25g Plain Flour (enough to thoroughly coat the chicken breasts)

1 Large Egg

200g Packet Breadcrumbs (I don’t have time for blitzing stale bread)

100g Grated Parmesan

Spaghetti (regular or wholemeal, doesn’t really matter)

200g Spinach

150ml Double Cream

Salt & Pepper to season

Smoked Paprika (optional)


Pre-heat the oven to 180 Degrees (Gas Mark 6). Take two bowls and a side plate. Pour the flour onto the side plate, you’ll need enough to coat both chicken breasts. Add 150g of breadcrumbs into a bowl followed by about 20g of the Parmesan Cheese, toss the combination together to ensure the cheese is evenly distributed. In the second bowl, crack and lightly beat the large egg.



Lay the two chicken breasts flat onto a chopping board, remove any sinew/fatty bits (I’m very picky about this but if you’re not bothered, skip that bit). Cut the chicken into smaller, goujon-like pieces.

Take one chicken breast and fully coat it in flour, then submerge it in the egg mixture, followed by the breadcrumbs. Make sure the breast is thoroughly coated in the breadcrumbs, place on a foil-covered baking tray. Repeat the process with the rest of the goujons.


4 Season the goujons with salt, pepper and paprika (if you wish, I like using paprika every now and again), drizzle olive oil over the chicken to stop them sticking to the foil. Pop the tray in the oven. Boil a full kettle ready for the spaghetti in a separate pan.



Throw a couple of handfuls of spaghetti into a seasoned (i.e. water with salt in it) pot of boiling water and simmer on a medium heat until soft. Once cooked, drain the pasta and pour in 100ml of double cream and add 200g of spinach into the pot. Mix the pasta, cream and spinach together until the spinach has wilted, add the remaining Parmesan cheese to the pasta and stir for the final time.



Remove the chicken from the oven, grab a plate, load up with the spaghetti and chicken and enjoy!



So there we are, my favourite, super indulgent pasta dish perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up or some self-love after hard day at work.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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