Canal Trip & Zoo Visit // Photo Gallery 01.05.17

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you’re all well and had a lovely bank holiday.

Today I’m treating you all to a shorter photo gallery post because I wrote quite a lengthy post last week and thought it best not to inundate you with dissertation-length blog posts ALL the time…

Last week, after about a year of not going out anywhere on the boat, my friend and I finally took a little trip up the canal to Chester, Chester Zoo and Ellesmere Port. I did film a few bits and pieces along the way, I doubt I’ll do anything with that (maybe just practice my editing abilities, I’m not sure), but I also took a fair few pictures because I really enjoy playing with my camera.

I don’t get the chance to that often (apart from taking blog photos) so it’s nice to learn more about what my camera can really do.

Anyway enough chatting, enjoy the photos and I’ll see you next week!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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