My Top 5 MAC Must-Haves

Hello Lovelies, how are you today?

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of MAC make-up for YEARS, so it’ll come as very little surprise to you that after buying yet another product, I sat and thought ‘I need to talk about this’ .. so here we are.

I’ve picked a couple of old faithfuls along with new favourites for you all to try, it’s been pretty hellish picking out my favourite lipsticks though, let me tell you..

1 Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20

I’ve written about attempting to find a replacement for this in a previous post, but so far, I have been totally unsuccessful. This concealer covers a MULTITUDE of sins, especially when paired with the Pro Longwear Foundation, although I te26479888_unknownnd to find this product will pair quite happily with any foundation. I’d say it provides a medium coverage and stays put all day (pretty much, bring a powder just incase), without it going patchy or sliding.


While it isn’t quite as cheap as other concealers on the market (I know people swear by the Collection 2000 concealer), I’ve found that by investing in a bottle of this, it lasts me for about 3-4 months, using only one pump each time I apply my makeup.

2 Pro Longwear Paintpot in Blacktrack 

26479952_unknownI’m pretty sure I’ve whinged about the difficulties of perfecting winged eyeliner in previous posts. I’ve tried various pens and had settled on a £3 favourite from Make-Up Revolution, until my brother gave me a MAC voucher for my birthday and figured I probably shouldn’t spent it on YET ANOTHER lipstick.

So, armed with my Paint Pot and an angle brush, I’ve now found my new foolproof way of creating the perfect winged liner. I doubt I’ll ever pick up an eyeliner pen again (unless I’m utterly desperate).

3 Mineralise Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder in Light Plus 

Honestly, I’m surprised that after years of trying different types of foundation/powder makeup, THIS is the one mineral product I’m 100% happy with.

I went through all the cliche shitty makeup a teenage girl growing up in the noughties 26479920_unknownalways wore. The Boots ‘Natural Collection’ because it was £1.50 for a tube of foundation and I only got £10 a week for my paper round, then graduating to the iconic Dream Matte Mouse foundation when my parents were feeling generous and gave me a bit of pocket money on top of my paper-round. I also went through a phase (as I’m sure many others did), of using mineral foundation, which wasn’t particularly successful given I had pretty oily teenage skin.

In spite of me falling out of love with mineral foundation, I’ve found that combining this with my Pro Longwear favourites gives me a wonderfully matte, full coverage, ready for the day/night ahead.

4 MAC x Mariah Carey Eyeshadow Quad ‘I’m That Chick You Like’

26479888_unknownWhile I hate being able to use a limited edition product such as this one on a ‘day-to-day’ basis, I kind of like the fact that I can use it every day (if that makes sense).

The Mariah x MAC collection was incredibly sought after, when it went on sale, especially the gold highlight that I’m GUTTED I didn’t get my hands on, but still, I’m incredibly pleased with the product I DO have.

The quad came in two shades, both are very wearable, however I chose the quad that I knew I’d be able to use more often, with darker browns to create a lovely shimmery brown smokey eye.26479872_unknown

I’ve found this palette does have a little bit of fall down, becomes problematic as it’s VERY shimmery. Often when I try to clean it off I just end up pushing glitter around my face .. kind of annoying but nothing is perfect.

I would say, if you missed out on buying something from this range, I wouldn’t be TOO upset about it. I feel like the colours are generic enough to be able to buy them from another brand at a cheaper price (shock horror). I guess I, like many others, got a little bit caught up in the excitement.

Still, I’m pleased I have it!

5  Satin Lipstick in Rebel

Y’all should know me well enough now to know that my favourite colour is purple, and I LIVE for a bold lip, so it makes perfect sense that my favourite MAC lipstick is Rebel. 

26479952_unknownI love MAC satin lipsticks because I find them incredibly comfortable to wear. I struggle with lipsticks generally because while they look gorgeous, it usually feels pretty crappy after a while, making your lips feel dryer than Ghandi’s flip-flop for days afterwards. Thankfully I’ve never had this problem with MAC.

I can also count on the product to actually last a considerable length of time; so I can go to work and know it’s going to last a good 3-4 hours into my shift, or go on a night out and know that regardless of how many cocktails I drink and shots I take, this shit isn’t going anywhere. Perfect if you’re lazy like me; I love applying but having to re-powder or re-apply anything too often .. no.

So those are my Top 5 MAC Must-Haves!

Let me know your thoughts on these products, and of course, if there’s something you think I’ve missed out PLEASE let me know, I love trying new products!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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