Staying in on Valentine’s Day!*

Hey Lovelies, it’s Valentine’s week, are we all feeling warm, fuzzy and loved up?

Great! (That makes one of us .. #foreveralone *sob*)

Like Marmite, you either really love Valentine’s Day, or you really hate it. Me personally, I don’t mind it, if I’m single I treat it as another day (might buy myself some flowers to treat myself), if I’m not, I probably wouldn’t do anything PARTICULARLY special on the day, I’d rather wait till the weekend to actually go out and do something to mark the occasion.
Apparently, I’m not alone in this.

A recent survey conducted by Festive Lights found that 63% of the 500 people asked prefer to stay in on Valentine’s Day.  When asked why they chose to stay in, reasons included:

  • The price of meals being far more expensive than on a regular night.
  • Crowded bars/restaurants.
  • Valentine’s Day becoming too over-commercialised. (Valentine’s Day T-shirt anyone?)
  • Couples feeling they don’t necessarily need ONE day to show they love each other.

All valid reasons .. so let’s say you’ve got the overpriced flowers, chocolates and a card for bae, the only problem now is can you really afford paying for that overpriced meal out as well..?

Save your money and put your creativity and DIY skills to the test instead by creating the ultimate cozy night in. (You can always go out another night when it’s not quite so overcrowded and expensive!)

Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, I’ve put together a little photo gallery showing you how I’ve decorated the interior of my boat for Valentine’s Day, feel free to take inspiration from that.

I picked up a number of props from TK Maxx, Primark Home, Paperchase and Hotel Chocolat, it might be worth checking those out if you’re still stuck for ideas.

Let me know how you get on and be sure to send me pictures via twitter (@love_leighxx) or instagram (loveleighxx) – I’d love to see how creative you get!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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*this is a collaborative post




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