London Calling, it wants your money ..

Hi Lovelies, I hope you’re all well!

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I was lucky enough to spend New Year in London this year. A few years ago I’d have been jetting off to Lanzarote with my parents, but as I’ve got older, I’ve wanted to do my own thing.. so London it is!

I only had a few things on my ‘To-Visit-In-London’ list, but they mostly consisted of visiting various flagship stores, checking out the British Library for Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre manuscript, obviously.. and checking out as many Korean restaurants as humanly possible, again, obviously…

Top of the list was hitting Oxford Street in the vain hope that Lush might still be stocking the limited edition Rose Jam Perfume (they didn’t have any *cries*). I don’t get to hit the flagship Lush store very often, I envy those who get to call it their local store.

Envy, and worry for their overdrafts – I know I’d be concerned for mine!

Still, the last time I visited they had only just opened a few months previous (we’re talking maybe two years ago now), and they had TONNES of Oxford Street exclusives I’d been dying to get my hands on. This time I didn’t really have that much on my shopping list.

No.1 priority was possibly getting my hands on some Rose Jam perfume, anything after that was a bonus. I ended up having £70 worth of bonuses..

But what did I buy?

True to form, I snaffled myself a couple of Kitchen exclusives as well as the odd product you can get in any Lush store.

I grabbed 3 Eye Powders, aka the glittery-est eyeshadows you’ll ever see IN YOUR LIFE in:

Radiant – While it looks like iridescent, white glitter, when applied it actually comes out as gold shimmer which was a nice surprise.

Skilled – A beautiful pink shimmery shade that will fit nicely into a spring makeup look.

Dream – A purple-y/blue/white shade, essential for any ice queen or a generally cold-hearted bitch.

The value for money in these glitter pots is insane. At £12 a pot, the glitter is so pigmented that you only ever need the smallest amount on a fine detail brush. I expect I’ll have these in my makeup bag for a few years, unless I wake up one day and decide to do some whacky drag-inspired makeup look (which knowing me, is always a possibility).

Another little perk of this product is that they’re generally quite kind on the eyes. From experience, when the glitter is applied and falls down in the eye, it doesn’t irritate like other products can, though I’ll admit, the flecks of glitter on your eyelashes can be quite distracting at times!

I also picked up a couple of exclusive soaps, something I wouldn’t normally bother with, but because I no-longer have the privilege of a bath (Lily only has space for a shower, bless her), and I just loved the smell of them..

I grabbed myself a chunk of Sandstone soap which you will simply ADORE if you loved lemon sherbet as a kid, it smells so strongly of it, you’re hard pushed not to take a massive bite out of it.


I also picked up a piece of the weirdest soap I think I’ve ever seen..  called Mallorquin, it’s described on the Lush site as a ‘Gourmet Soap’ and I only picked it up because it’s not like a normal soap, no, this one is squishy and smells like marzipan.

Both totally logical reasons to buy it…

No but seriously, the whole concept of this soap (and the rest of the range) is to create something from self-sustainable resources, from organisations supported by Lush, creating quality ingredients for the products while also supporting local communities in countries like Morocco, Ghana and Columbia.


My final purchase in Lush was a perfume. Sadly not the Rose Jam perfume I had originally hoped for, but the next best thing.

As recommended by one of the lovely Lushies in store, for £10 I picked up some Imogen Rose solid perfume. Perfume is the one thing in Lush that I’ve never really bothered with. I’ve always stuck with my Dior favourites (plus my beloved Fame by Lady Gaga, of course) but at the same token, I’ve liked the idea of the solid perfume.

It’s perfect for popping into your bag and using it on days when you’ve forgotten to spritz anything, or if you just want a subtle scent; I know my Dior perfume can be pretty potent stuff, I don’t always fancy wandering around smelling like the perfume counter in Boots!

Once I’d finished in Lush, I turned my attention to Covent Garden and a certain Charlotte Tilbury store that simply BEGGED me to visit it.

Rude not to really.

While I was a little too excited to think about taking photos inside (too basic for my liking).. just imagine your local Tilbury counter and go large, but not TOO large, despite her popularity, the store itself is a little on the pokey side. Clearly though, it has its perks. I had zero problems locating the lipsticks and picking out everything I wanted (but naturally, couldn’t afford).

I’ve been lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks for a LONG time now, and normally I’d go nuts and treat myself on payday, but for whatever reason, I kept putting it on the back-burner. UNTIL NOW..


After lots of deliberation I eventually went for two shades:

Bond Girl – a beautiful pinky-nude shade, perfect for everyday looks all-year round.

Glastonberry – a deep berry coloured shade, ideal for autumn and winter, I’m a sucker for a dramatic lip colour, so this was right up my street!

It’s very difficult to find a matte lipstick that doesn’t turn your lips to sandpaper after an hour of wearing it, thankfully, at £22 a pop, you can be sure you’re buying quality. Not only is the packaging incredibly photogenic (as many bloggers already know), but the lipstick formula is super comfortable to wear. The colours are strong, the product is easy to  move around on the lips and easy to remove if you make a mistake (we’ve all done it).

I also contemplated buying a new mascara as I’m in pretty dire need of a new one, but I didn’t feel comfortable impulse buying a product so expensive; £25 for a mascara is a little much, even for me. I figured I’d be best doing a bit of research to see if it was worth it, BEFORE investing. Something for a future visit perhaps…

As I said earlier, the rest of the time I was eating Bibimbap and Kimchi, dancing on Embankment and enjoying the New Year fireworks. I didn’t really fancy spending hours at a time in shops, shock horror!

I really hope I can go back to London again this year, I feel like I only visit once every couple of years and there’s just SO MUCH to see. I have very little excuse when London Euston is 2 hours on the train from Chester… *must try harder*

Anyway, have you tried any of those products? Have you visited the Lush Oxford St. store, what’s your favourite part of it?

Comment below and let me know!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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P.S. If you’ve got a Charlotte Tilbury mascara, PLEASE let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

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