Alphabet Soup // B is for Burger Shed 41

Hello Lovelies, I hope you’re all well!

It’s that time again!

You’ll have noticed that after three weeks now, we’re still on the letter B, but don’t blame me, blame the fabulous quality of food we have in and around Chester..! (That sounded super cheesy then, I know, but it’s true).

Some of you will already be familiar with the Alphabet Soup series, but incase you’re new to it, I’ll give you a brief run-down of what I’m doing.

Basically, after living in Chester for the past 4 years, I’ve seen restaurants, cafes and bars come and go. I often find that there’s almost too much choice for a city so small, so to help  visitors and residents alike I figured I’d do a little series talking about the best places to eat in and around town. It just so happened that the first few favourites that came to mind all fit in with the ‘abc’ theme, so after a mini brainstorm session, ‘Alphabet Soup’ was born.

B is for Burger Shed 41 

Why is it that half the places I’ve talked/I’m planning to talk about are all ‘happy accidents’?

I suppose it’s proving the best way so far!

Anyway, I found this place by accident. It was a day after a night out with an ex, my stomach was feeling pretty delicate but the promise of burgers proved too tempting, plus I wasn’t the one paying – party!

Burger Shed 41 is owned by the same people who own Urbano 32 on the opposite side of Bridge Street, and the Ring O’Bells in Christleton, all three are amazing places to visit, but Burger Shed is hands down my favourite. I like to think Burger Shed is the cool, edgier little sister.

I believe the first time we visited, this place had only been open for a few months, but it was clearly already going well because it was packed.

Typical of many of the shops, cafes and restaurants on Bridge St, the interior is pretty small. Unfortunately as Chester is a popular, picturesque historic city, the rent for commercial properties tends to be sky high, so you have to kind of get used to independent places having limited space.

As they say, size isn’t everything, it’s about what you do with it…
I think that’s a pretty seamless link to decor, don’t you?

The decor at the Burger Shed really utilises that ramshackle garden-shed feel. Corrugated iron, rustic wooden tables and a large blackboard feature wall with everything from the weekly specials, the ‘hard’ shakes, and the burger classics, to the popular cocktails, the shed deals and the wifi password.

I suppose Burger Shed 41 panders to the increasing popular rustic industrial theme you’d expect to find in an independent coffee shop in Shoreditch or Soho, not a bad thing of course, it’s a welcome change to other local burger joints (mainly McDonalds I think).

On my first visit, I found it impressive that they manage to fit everything in such a small space. There are 4 booths seating 4 people, two tables of 4, a further two rows of tables capable of seating 6, a breakfast bar by the window seating 4 and finally 2 seats at the actual bar next to the open-plan kitchen. That’s potentially over 40 people that can be seated and served at any one time in roughly 50ft of space, very impressive!

The kitchen and bar are both down the left hand side of the restaurant, as I said before, they are both open plan, so you can watch your burger being cooked from your table if you wished to.

Speaking of the kitchen, I should probably talk about the main event, burgers!

I’ll start by saying there isn’t a single bad burger on the Burger Shed menu; though I haven’t tried them all (I left the spicy burger for friends to try and tell me about instead), I have it on good authority that the few I haven’t tried are just as delicious as the rest.
You have a choice of the classics: burger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, etc etc, then you have the hot burger, veggie options, chipotle chicken breast, the weekly special, hot dogs, subs and all the extra toppings and side dishes.

For a new visitor, it can end up being a lot to choose from!

On my first visit I had the Shed Chicken Burger (I added American Cheese as an extra) and a side of onion rings. The chicken burger is essentially a flattened breast, in a ‘smokey coating’ and paired with an equally smokey Chipotle mayo with only a little bit of spice to cut through the main flavour.

You can tell if a burger is value for money when it has to be held together with a steak knife skewered through the middle. Burger Shed burgers are so tall and crammed with meat, sauce and salad that every burger requires a steak-knife skewer.. and many napkins!

Each burger is seriously juicy; you know the type, when you bite into the burger and all the  meat juices start running down your hands, it’s just as well they have a napkin dispenser on each table because you really do need them.. unless you’re going to bitch out and use a knife and fork (judging you rn). The beef burgers are cooked medium well and lovingly laid on a bed of brioche, lettuce, tomato,’shed sauce’* and whatever extras you might have chosen (my favourite is onion rings, but I know a lot of people lose their shit over the smashed avocado, thanks instagram).

*imagine Big Mac sauce but better.

Speaking of extras, I should probably spare a thought for the rather delicious array of side dishes they have available.
I mentioned earlier, the first time I visited I ordered a side of onion rings with my burger, and I wasn’t really expecting anything special, just something to satisfy a craving. I often find that side dishes in restaurants tend to be an afterthought, especially with something as basic as chips or onion rings, but I can honestly say, hand on heart, I’ve never seen onion rings (or side-dishes generally) so big before.

Somehow, Burger Shed seem to have got their hands on abnormally large onions, because these bad boys could quite easily fit around someones wrist and be worn as bracelets. They’re also devilishly moorish, but thankfully the portions are more than enough to suit even the hungriest of hippos (or caterpillars, we don’t discriminate here).
Other sides include chicken wings (in either hot or BBQ sauce, both just as messy as each other), Popcorn fish, Burnt End Brisket Balls, Screaming Fries, Poutine, Sweet Potato Fries (again, thanks Insta) and my absolute favourite, the mighty Beef Chilli Cheese Fries.. *drools*
As with the onion rings, I’ve never managed to finish a whole serving of these delicious fries, certainly not when teamed with a burger! I always end up vowing to just order sides next time I visit, but the temptation is always too great so I continue to make the same delicious mistake.. one day I’ll learn, maybe.

I would say, if you’re planning on giving Burger Shed 41 a go, the best time would be to visit on a Wednesday. Their 2-4-1 deal never fails to draw hungry customers, old and new, looking for great quality burgers. Having the 2-4-1 deal makes it a lot cheaper to experiment with the burger combinations, trying a different topping (or that spicy burger you’ve been avoiding a bit because you know your nose will probably run faster than the River Dee), or ordering a couple more sides to try, making up the money you’d save paying for two burgers.

After all that food, you need something good to wash it all down with, and as Burger Shed 41 specialise in ‘Burgers/Beer/Shakes’, it’d be rude not to put this to the test!

‘Hard’ Shakes seem to be becoming increasingly popular among restaurants in Chester, but Shed pride themselves on these the most, taking traditional flavours and adding something a little different to create amazing tasting shakes. My favourite is the Missis-sip-me, with Baileys, coffee, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate Oreos (an amazing adult dessert), but the Boiler Shake (with bourbon and root beer) is also damn good.

So, after all that food porn, how much can we expect the bill to be?

A standard burger can range from £6 to £10.50 (for a lamb burger), extras are either £1-£1.50 or £3 if you fancy doubling up the meat in your burger (Hot Dogs and Subs range from £5.50 to £8.50). Sides are from £2.50 to £6 (chips being cheapest, and brisket balls being the most expensive), and Hard Shakes are £7 (plenty of other drinks are available, of course).

Typically a visit for myself and a friend would cost us around £25, for two burgers, two sides and two drinks. Obviously on a Wednesday you can knock off the cost of the second burger, which is even better value for money in my opinion.

So there we have it, if you’re on a quest for the best burger joint in Chester, look no further!

Burger Shed 41 combines amazing quality, flavour and value for money in 4 corrugated walls. I urge you all to give it a go, you’ll be dreaming of burgers night and day afterwards, trust me.. I’ve spent 3 days writing this post and all I can think about is a bacon cheeseburger, onion rings and chilli cheese fries!

If you do head over to Burger Shed 41, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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P.S. If you missed last weeks Alphabet Soup, catch up here!

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