Baring up with bareMinerals

Hey Lovelies, how are we all?

Today I’m going to be reviewing a product I never expected to buy… which tends to always be the way with me. I never EXPECT to buy anything, especially when it comes from work!

ANYWAY, today I’m talking bareMinerals, specifically the bareMinerals READY Convertible Eyeshadow Palette. God knows I love my MAC foundation too much to switch from liquid to powder.

I had my eye on this palette in work for a long time, and I think it probably came in to be sold at around £25-£30. My immediate reaction (along with everyone else, apparently) was ‘no way am I paying that’ and sure enough, I didn’t.

After marking it down in clearance twice (again, the perks of working in the beauty section), I finally thought £11 was a more-than-reasonable price for a high-quality palette. Plus after keeping an eye on it for so long, I was hardly going to let someone else swoop in and grab it!

I’ve always been skeptical of bareMinerals. I hated how everyone jumped on the bandwagon, claiming it was ‘so much better for your skin’ and ‘you can barely feel it on’.

Yeah, and you can hardly see it’s on either, I can see your spots for miles.. *side eyes*

I’ve kind of always felt like mineral make-up wasn’t as pigmented as I’d like it to be. I used mineral foundation and eyeshadow a LONG time ago, and can only remember being disappointed by it, so since then I’ve been put off using it.

Until now, of course.


So the palette has 12 shades, all of which are numbered 1/2/3 for use on the base, crease and as a liner. I think it’s quite handy for people who either don’t have much time to flit between different palettes or don’t feel very confident mixing and matching colours.


The shades are all shimmery, but still pretty wearable. I would say apart from the vibrant gold, the palette is perfect for every day use.

For me this palette is basically a time-saving thing, on the days when I want to wear eyeshadow but can’t be arsed doing anything elaborate (which is quite often, especially when I’m only working short shifts).

In terms of the pigment, well.. it’s OK.

I’ve said before, I’ve always been skeptical about mineral make-up, and judging by this palette, I’m right to be. It takes a few applications to really build up the colour, and in some cases, get any colour at all! I suppose the fact that it’s buildable and isn’t super pigmented does work in it’s favour for those days where you do want a subtle look, but it has to be said, I own cheaper and more pigmented palettes and I’d probably choose those over this one.
The colours are a little TOO bendable in my opinion, so much so that they’ve often blended into nothing.  Some of the shades are a little bit dud, specifically MystifyAdmire and Shiver, and to top it all, the fall-down is pretty shocking. I think it’s always made worse when the shades are shimmery too, the glitter just gets all over your face and it’s the worst to clean up…

On the plus side, once you have managed to build up the colour enough, the longevity is actually pretty good. I’ve said it before, I’m probably not the only one who likes hard-working products, I don’t have the time (or the patience) to be constantly touching-up my makeup, I like to apply my make-up once and know it’s basically set for the day. Amazingly, these eyeshadows are pretty long lasting, something I didn’t expect given I have quite oily skin, I imagined the shadow would slide after a few hours but no, it stays put, kept its colour and still looked pretty cute after a day at work.

So it’s not ALL bad.


To be honest, it’s not bad at all. I didn’t set out to write a bad review of bareMinerals, but I suppose my previous experiences have tarnished it all somewhat..

I do quite like this palette, in spite of everything I’ve said. I think for everyday use it’s pretty handy to dip in and out of. I doubt you could get a seriously dramatic look out of this palette (though that gold is REALLY impressive), but feel free to prove me wrong!

I think I’d have been a little more scathing had I paid full price for it, but given I probably picked up a bargain (by bareMinerals standards), I’m reasonably happy. I’ll definitely continue using it, even if it’s just for work for a more ‘toned down’ look. All is not lost!

Are you a bareMinerals fan? Do you have this palette, if so, what are your thoughts?

Comment below and let me know!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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