What I’ve Been Listening to: Catch Up!

Hey Lovelies, I hope y’all are well!

It’s been SO LONG since my last WIBLT, which is a shame because these are my favourite posts to write. I suppose I stopped writing them because my ex claimed to be so into music, I was made to feel a little bit ashamed of what I liked, or if I said I liked someone, it was met with ‘I’ve already seen *insert artist/band name here*’ or ‘Erh, you like *insert another name here*’…

ANYWAY, enough of that tool, this is my blog and I will not be judged for my poor taste in music.

That said, he was a sucker for a car boot sale which often meant I’d happily get to spend his money on ALL the ‘rubbish 80’s’ records he hated, and then get breakfast afterwards. Expanding my record collection AND free food?!

Sneaky Leigh! *pats on back*

Because of this, I’ve tended to stay away from Spotify and glued more to my turntable, which isn’t a bad thing of course, especially when I splashed out on a new fancy set up (more on that later).
As it’s been so long I’ve got a lot to get through, so lets get cracking!

It was impossible not to listen to Coldplay on the build up to seeing them live, especially when I have almost all the albums on vinyl (wow, I sound like such a douche).

I’ve always liked Coldplay, even though they get a lot of shit they consistently put out good songs that people are bound to sing along to. Start playing ‘Fix You’ and you can guarantee people will start singing along.

My favourite album is Mylo Xyloto because it’s got some absolute BELTERS on it (‘Paradise’ ‘Charlie Brown’ and ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’), plus I like to think this album is almost the ‘big sister’ to the most recent album, A Head Full of Dreams.

I also like this album because there’s not a single bad song on it, and by bad I mean the ones you tend to skip because they get a bit dull after so long. I’ve found myself skipping listening to A Head Full of Dreams a little more than I have done any other album of theirs. I don’t know why, maybe I need to give it a bit more of a chance.

Years and Years
I listen to this album ALL THE TIME. If you look at the ‘recently played’ list on my iPhone,  it basically consists entirely of Communion, but you can hardly blame me.

I was probably pretty late to the party on this one (as usual). I could tell because when they were performing on TOTP over Christmas, my parents started dancing to ‘King’ and telling me about a mad night out they’d had back in Lanzarote. Hmm, time to investigate instead of coasting with the hits!

There’s something slightly patriotic about Y&Y; the lead singer, Olly, was born in Yorkshire, which tends to make every Yorkshireman’s ears prick up a little.

‘He’s a Yorkshire lad? O’ I quaat laak them songs’ = my best attempt at writing a Yorkshire accent…

That aside, I really love how relatable the songs can be. Yeah sure you can sing and dance along like you do with any other pop song, but you can also really tell the story behind it which makes a change when you’ve got the likes of Rihanna putting out pure crap; I’m not even sure she knows what her music means anymore – if anything.

Anyway, what I mean is I like the fact Olly has clearly put his own experiences into the songs; it feels more genuine.

Level 42
I’ve talked about these guys before, I’m sure.
Basically I blame my parents for my love of 80’s music, just as I suspect my children will blame me later on in life (if I ever end up re-producing).

I might have also said, my brother and I surprised my parents with tickets to see them last Christmas, while the concert isn’t until October, that doesn’t mean I can’t listen to them till then!

I think everyone has that one band/collection of songs that remind you of home and your family. I’ve also managed to gather myself a little collection of Level 42 records that I love to play when I’m potting around the boat sorting/cleaning/doing adult stuff.

Major Lazer
I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to mention Major Lazer for reasons only certain people will understand. I probably wouldn’t listen to Major Lazer OR Diplo normally, but people tend to be bad influences and here I am talking about it!

I’ll also admit, I don’t profess myself as being a massive fan, I basically kinda jumped on the bandwagon after ‘Lean On’ and bought a vinyl edition of Peace is the Mission to listen to in preparation for Parklife 2016.

Still, in spite of all that I like what I’ve heard. It felt good to know a chunk of the songs they played when I was at Parklife, although there were a couple of awkward moments before/during their set.

So originally, I was supposed to go to Parklife with my ex, however that went tits-up so I went with my friend instead. We still had a good time and everything, which was good, BUT I was also fully aware of the fact that my ex was going to be at Parklife on the Sunday to see Major Lazer.

To cut a long story short, I thought he’d be right at the front but he ended up standing right behind me. Major Awkward.

Another awkward moment was when they wanted everyone to crouch down if ‘you’re a TRUE Major Lazer fan’, which was all well and good if you actually had the space to crouch. I ended up in the middle of some half-crouching awful human centipede-style train.

Woo Festivals!

Lana Del Rey
I love Lana, and Born to Die basically got me through my A-Levels.

For whatever reason I stopped listening to her, I think because I wasn’t a fan of her second album Ultraviolence I just drifted onto something else. I actually bought a vinyl copy of Born to Die ages ago but it stayed in it’s cellophane for a good few months and forgot I’d bought it until I was going through and trying to find space for all my new additions. (Ha, thanks hon)

I’m still not a fan of Ultraviolence, and I haven’t given Honeymoon (her third album) much of a listen yet.. maybe that’s something to talk about later! Still, Born to Die is a solid favourite.

So there we have it, that’s basically the bulk of what I’ve been listening to!

I’m doing it a little differently from now on, I’ll be putting a little Spotify playlist together and adding it to the end of each post. Instead of grabbing from Youtube all the time, I may as well be brave and actually show the world how bad my music taste actually is.

Enjoy guys!



Till next time,

love, Leigh


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One thought on “What I’ve Been Listening to: Catch Up!

  1. Came here for Lana! I recently did a post about my favourite singers please give it a look at! I’m not really a fan on Ultravilonce either although I do like a few of the songs (even though I’m a die hard Lana fan) I LOVE honeymoon and btd! Great post😋💕

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