Review // Trying Out Tropic Skincare

Hello Lovelies, how are we all?

Today I’m going to be talking about a couple of products I’ve been sitting on for MONTHS now. They kind of got lost in the moving/re-organising process, and now I’ve finally unearthed them AND got back into the blogging flow, I thought, sod it let’s talk about Tropic Skincare!

If you’re a fan of The Apprentice, you might remember 2011 contestant Susan Ma who came second to Tom Pellereau, inventor of the ‘Stylefile’ and other products. Like everyone else who watches the show, I had predicted who I thought would win and to be honest, I’ve rarely been right (apart from Dr Leah Totton who I predicted would win from the very beginning). In 2011, Susan was my favourite so I was kind-of gutted when Tom won the £250,000 investment instead.

I was pleased to hear later that Sir Alan Sugar had decided to invest in her business anyway, and was keen to try out some of the products.

Tropic pride themselves in being ‘pure, honest and effective’, pure ingredients, honest labelling (so users know EXACTLY what they’re putting on their bodies) and effective results on all skin types which is a pretty tall order! They are also certified by The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International, perfect for those hunting for an effective skin-care range that suits their beliefs.
The trouble is of course, Tropic isn’t sold in high-street retailers (though it can be ordered online), instead, like Avon, it has representatives. Luckily, some months ago now my Aunt became a representative, meaning I could finally give Tropic a go.

When my birthday came around last December, she kindly gifted me a £50 voucher to spend at Tropic, and I must admit, my eyes lit up when I settled down to look through the product brochure.

I’m the first to admit I’m CRAP at working out a skincare routine, the whole ‘cleanse-tone-moisturise’ process morning and night is so tedious. Instead I vigorously rub my face with a face wipe and hope for the best – I know it’s crap but its worked thus far!

Going through the brochure, I was amazed at how many products were available. Skincare, body care AND a full range of make-up, including tools such as bamboo cloths, brushes, stencils and their own take on the increasingly popular beauty blending sponge. It’s a lot to choose from!

Because I’m not massively into having a skincare routine I didn’t see the point wasting money on something I knew I wouldn’t use. While they have a full range of award winning products, from age-defying facial oil, refreshing roll-on eye gel, toning mist and smoothing cleansers, I am ALWAYS a sucker for a face-mask and a good face-scrub.

So that’s exactly what I got!

Face Smooth Brightening Polish    £15

With unique bamboo silica beads and antioxidant-rich acai berry extract, this skincare staple provides deep exfoliation to remove rough areas of dry skin, leaving you with an unbelievably fresh, soft and brighter looking complexion.’ 

It’s recommended you use a small amount of this product 2-3 times a week, and to be honest, you’d want for this stuff to go a long way. At £15 for a 100ml bottle some might find it a little expensive, but I think it’s reasonable for the plethora of natural ingredients that goes into making it.

I really enjoy using this product, the fragrance is a lovely lemon and lime which kind of automatically tricks you into thinking it’ll do some good; I also think it’s smells a little chalky, which isn’t really a bad thing, just a weird observation.

The scrub itself is quite fine but just enough coarseness to feel it’s actually gently scrubbing away the old/dead skin. You don’t really want to be scrubbing your face with a scrub that’s coarser than a brillo pad after all!

You use this scrub on dry skin, and remove it using a cloth and warm water. You could use the bamboo cloths also available at Tropic, but a flannel is just as good. I’ve used this as recommended in addition to using it in the shower; I’ve found that once I’ve washed off the scrub, it left me feeling like it’d not quite got all the product off my face. As a result, I’ve often had to wash my face again just to make sure.

I don’t see it as a huge inconvenience, and it hasn’t stopped me from using the product over again. I’ve been really happy with the results, my skin has felt very soft and reduced the amount of breakouts.

Radiance Clay Mask     £25

Packed with purifying fruit acids, and uplifting tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, this mineral rich green clay mask tightens and unclogs pores for super-refined and blemish-free skin.

For combination, oily and acne prone skin.’

I said I was a sucker for a face-mask, and this one is probably the best I’ve ever used. I’m amazed really that this product manages to cater for three different skin-types (the Warming Mineral Mask is for normal, dry and sensitive skin) successfully.

As the description states, the mask has an overwhelming smell of tea-tree and eucalyptus, when applied, not only does it open your pores, it opens your nasal passages too! It’s alright if you like the smell of tea tree, but I’ll admit, it’s very different to the lovely lemony facial scrub I just talked about.

There are a few different ways this mask can be used. I tend to use it a few times a week, applying the mask using the small bamboo spatula provided and leaving the product on until the mask has turned white (after about 10 minutes). Though it’s only a 100ml pot, I’ve had this mask for a few months now and I STILL have a lot left over; £25 per pot doesn’t seem so painful if you consider longevity!

For those suffering with acne, it is recommended the mask is used daily to draw out infection, applying and leaving the mask on overnight.

I’ve used this mask for a while now and I’ve been really happy with the results. As I said, I tend to use this once or twice a week, it helps clear up my breakouts a lot quicker than anything else I’ve used (Lush masks included). Each time I wash the mask off my skin feels unbelievably soft, better I would say than when I use the scrub!

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with Tropic’s products so far, and will definitely be trying more in the future. I think of the two, the mask is my absolute favourite, I like the scrub of course but I think I’ll be trying other facial scrubs later, once the one I have has run out.

Have you tried Tropic Skincare before? Are there any products you’ve tried that you’d recommend?

Comment below and let me know!

Till next time,
love, Leigh

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P.S. If you’re interested in trying Tropic Skincare, you can either order online or contact a representative. My lovely rep is Joanne, check her page out here!

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