My Top 5 Products for ‘Fake’ Blondes

Hey folks, I hope you’re all well!

Today I’m going to talk about my 5 favourite haircare products, perfect for keeping my artificial blonde light, bright and healthy.

I’ve had blonde in my hair for about 2 years now and it’s taken time for me to work out how to properly maintain it. I’ve written a couple of haircare posts in the past because of the struggle to get my hair healthy again (especially after the amount of bleach I’ve put on it!), while I think I’ll always be looking out for new haircare products to try, I think I’ve finally got the perfect kit for ‘artificial’ blonde hair!

1 PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo 

Having a good purple (or silver, as my hairdresser calls it) shampoo is VITAL for keeping
the brassiness out of blonde hair. It took me a while to learn the most effective way of using this product, which sounds utterly supid because you’d think you simply shampoo your hair as normal, actually I tend to do something a little different.

A while ago I was talking to an old work colleague about how she’d managed to get her hair such a gorgeous white-blonde colour. She told me she used her purple shampoo but left it on her hair for a good hour before washing it out again. I went home that night and tried it, leaving the shampoo in for a good hour and a half (I was distracted watching Youtube videos) before washing and conditioning as normal.touch of silver shampoo - Google Search Safari, Today at 13.27.24

It took a little while for my hair to lighten (2/3 ‘treatments’, as opposed to simply washing the shampoo straight out), but the brassiness has stayed well out of my hair, which is perfect because it means I can stay out of the hair salon for a little longer than normal!

I only tend to use this shampoo 3 times a week, and do my ‘treatment’ once a week to avoid my hair drying out. I like to alternate between this shampoo and another more moisturising Lush shampoo I’ll be talking about a little later on.

You can pick a 150ml bottle up from Boots for £3.19.

2 Bleach London Bleach
Funny how I’ve included this one; I swore I’d never touch a box dye ever again after a bleach london bleach kit - Google Search Safari, Today at 13.28.41horrific experience trying to bleach my hair from dark brown and red to blonde (what the hell was I thinking?!). Sadly (?!) sometimes you grow a little desperate and a £7 box of dye
can be pretty tempting when you’ve got no money and a hair appointment can cost you £70 plus!
If you’re reading this as a fellow artificial blonde (that is the whole point of the post), I’m pretty sure you’ll already know about Bleach as a brand. In my opinion, they’re the perfect one-stop-shop for achieving all those dreamy pastel pink/purple/blue hair colours you’ve seen on Instagram and
Pinterest, while also giving you a fabulous product to start the process off, in the box bleach.

Even though I’ve only had a chance to use this product once on the ends (I had my hair stylist tint the roots, I was too scared), I haven’t needed to use it again. My hair is so white it’s started to turn grey, which is EXACTLY the colour I’m going for. Thankfully I’ve got a fair few days off coming up, so I’ll definitely be taking the time to re-dye my mop!

You can pick up a box for yourself at Boots for £7.

3 Bleach London Toner

Another boxed product; I’ve been feeling brave!

At the hair salon, I always have the dye put on first, then it’s washed out and a toner is bleach london bleach kit - Google Search Safari, Today at 13.29.08added for a few minutes to even out the colour and remove the brassiness. With this combination, I basically do the same, only without the same expert blow-dry afterwards.

I’ve used the toner a few times now, usually just on it’s own as I find it can be quite an assault on the hair bleaching it and then adding the toner immediately afterwards. It has removed the horrible brassy/gingery colour many times and I very much tend to rely on this product in-between hair appointments.

I’ll also mention the AMAZING conditioner they have in each box (including the bleach), which is basically a lifesaver when you’ve given your hair a battering. I tend to use my tubes of conditioner sparingly just so I’ve got some of the miracle mask  for when I really need it. You can either wash it in and straight out or treat it as a conditioning mask, depending on how much time you have, the results are still excellent either way.

The toner is available for £7, also at Boots.

4 Curly Wurly Shampoo

I’ve raved on about this shampoo in a previous post, but I don’t care because I’m still loving it months later!

Everyone is still on the argan/almond/olive/coconut oil bandwagon and I see SO MANY women come in to my section at work (I lord over the beauty section, naturally) wanting a curly wurly shampoo - Google Search Safari, Today at 13.31.03nourishing shampoo that won’t dry their hair out and 9 times out of 10, I send them to Lush to buy this shampoo (I should work for them really, or at least get commission!).

Curly Wurly is made with a trio of oils; coconut, jojoba and extra virgin olive oil, along with lemon and papaya juices to ensure a deep clean, perfect for removing any product build up after dying/toning the hair. Once you’ve used this shampoo your hair will smell deliciously of coconut for hours afterwards, regardless of whether you continue to scorch it with a hairdryer and straighteners as I do.

As I mentioned earlier, I alternate use of this shampoo with my PRO:VOKE shampoo, meaning both products last a little longer than normal.

You can pick up a 220g pot (other sizes are available) from Lush for £10.75.

5 TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner

Now, we have to end all that on a good conditioner right?!

I know I said the Bleach London conditioner they provide in the box kits is a miracle worker, however, that stuff won’t work for everyday washes. The TIGI conditioner I useTIGI Fashionista Conditioner - Google Search Safari, Today at 13.33.19 every time I wash my hair, whether that’s after using Curly Wurly or PRO:VOKE, just as a way of trying to make my hair even brighter.

I initially picked up a bottle at work, simply because I’d ran out of my old conditioner and it was just by happy coincidence I actually ended up liking the product. I also like this conditioner because it acts as a heat-defence; I suppose TIGI expect their customers to blow-dry their hair immediately after washing it. I find it handy because I’m seriously lazy and don’t have any heat defence spray, instead I use this or my trusty Cement Thermique before blow-drying – that’s if I can be bothered (basically never).

You can generally pick this up in store at TK Maxx (though it isn’t guaranteed), or you can grab a shampoo/conditioner bundle from; two 750ml bottles for £17, awesome value in my opinion!

So there we have my top 5 products!
I hope you’ve found this useful, I know I would have appreciated it about two years ago when my hair was brassy AF. *cringes*

Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, or if you’ve got a fabulous product you’d love to share! Comment below and let me know!

Till next time,
love, Leigh

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