Coldplay at the Etihad Stadium 2016

Hi Guys!
How are you all?

It’s been an embarrassing 4 months since I last posted!
I’ve been full of good intentions to write for a long while, however, life gets in the way as it always does and I’ve been either too busy or simply uninspired to say a word.
More on that in my upcoming ‘life update’ post (hopefully).

I’ve decided to start writing NOW because I simply felt like I couldn’t let this event go unmarked. Last night (5th June) my family and I went to see Coldplay at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, after frantically booking the tickets last November the time has simply flown by!

We all met up in an ASDA carpark (how glam) at about 6:30 and headed across the road to the stadium. Heading to the bag search (after a quick stop off at the merch tent for my brother to buy a £30 t-shirt overpriced) my dad was stopped and told he couldn’t bring in his selfie stick which we all thought was ridiculous… still, we waited until he’d returned from the car and headed in to the stadium once again.

As we got through the gates we were each handed a wristband. I’d been told about these by my brother and a friend at work, the wristbands were supposed to light up during the concert which was exciting, plus who doesn’t love a cheeky freebie!

There were two support acts for the gig, Alessia Cara and Lianne La Havas. Alessia Cara was already on stage when we sat down which was good. My brother told me I’d probably know one of her songs already but I didn’t. Still, I enjoyed her set and will be sure to give her a proper listen at some point soon.

Lianne La Havas came next, along with the awkward  realization that three of her songs are frequently played at work. It seems no matter where I go, work follows me!

As a result, I found myself singing along through her set, which wasn’t a bad thing. Lianne proved herself to be an amazing singer and talented guitarist, I’ll absolutely be giving her a listen later, but maybe skipping the songs I hear at work for obvious reasons.
Lianne finished her set at 8:30 which meant a 30 minute wait before the main event. In that time we caught the last of the sun and did some people watching.

9pm came around pretty quickly and the crowd had got themselves geared up for the show by doing a few rounds of the mexican wave. Before long the huge screens had gone black and we were treated to some dramatic opera, the next minute the band had appeared on stage and began playing ‘A Head Full of Dreams’.
It was funny really, for an opening number, it almost felt like they were already closing the show; even though the sun was still setting, we were treated to a fabulous firework and lights show (queue our fancy wristbands), AND tonnes of multi-coloured confetti that ended up stuck on the people standing and on Chris Martin’s already sweaty face.

My brother told me later that he almost wanted to cry watching such a breathtaking opening. I could totally understand where he came from, we’ve been to a few amazing gigs but we all agreed (as a family) we’d never seen such an incredible, high-energy opening before.
After such a stellar opening, it was hard to imagine what would come next.. of course it had to be ‘Yellow’. We waved our yellow flashing wristbands high in the air and belted out the classic, and then carried on singing for ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’. It was at this point we realized just how amazing our wristbands were, we each had one waving in the air and found that every colour sequence was different for each wristband, so none of us had the same colour at any one time.
I can’t imagine how much money the band have invested in those bands, to give them out for every show on their world tour, it must be VERY expensive!

They tended to follow a pattern of high-energy song followed by a slower song, although the second half of the show featured hit after hit, my throat was starting to hurt after so much singing!
We were treated to ‘Clocks’, ‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Hymn for the Weekend’, ‘Fix You’, a short cover of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ and was more than ready for a break.

I’d mentioned to my Dad before the show started that there was a small stage directly below us with a keyboard covered up on it. We brushed it off as a possibility of them coming out from the main stage because it’d be a nightmare getting through the crowd. I was proved right later though when the great sea of fans parted and the band walked through on to the tiny stage to play some acoustic versions of ‘Don’t Panic’, ‘In My Place’ and ‘See You Soon’.
It was great to actually see the band up close, because while our seats were actually pretty good (we weren’t as high up as we expected), the band were still a fair distance away from where we were sitting. Having them come out from the main stage made sure we actually SAW them in person, something other artists don’t always think/care about.

After that, they headed back to the main stage and wrapped up the show with ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ and ‘Up & Up’, featuring yet more amazing fireworks, lights and confetti. You could see that although the stage layout was quite basic, everything else (i.e. the pyro/lights/fireworks and graphics) was absolutely flawless. My only criticism (shock horror) was that they didn’t have any fireworks for ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, which you would expect could have been perfect for a dramatic finale.

Still, everything had wrapped up by 11pm and we all left the stadium with sore throats, ringing ears and plenty to talk about for the obligatory ‘post-concert-analysis’. We all agreed that yes it was well worth the money and the stress of buying the tickets; it may have even been the best concert we’d ever been to. The simplicity of having wristbands that lit up to coincide with the music was really effective, I think it made everyone feel like they were part of the performance, instead of simply watching the band and singing along.

We eventually got home after midnight and headed straight for bed, still with ringing ears but grateful we’d been as a family. I doubt I’ll be forgetting that night for a long time to come!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Have you been or are you going to see Coldplay?

Comment below and let me know!

Till next time,

love, Leigh 


P.S. check out my gallery below – just a few shots I took on my iPhone.




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