Review // MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

Hey folks, how are you all?

Today I’m going to be talking about my most recent purchase from MAC, the recently-released Waterweight Foundation.

It always seems to be that when I go into MAC, I’ve just been paid and I’m feeling like making it rain. I’ll also say, I’d started to run out of my beloved Pro-Longwear foundation and figured it was probably time for a change.

So I wandered in during a lunch break and managed to collar one of the girls to help me (to be honest, I know where everything is, I could easily help myself in the draws underneath without having to bother anyone). Anyway, I had already decided I wanted to try something a little lighter than the one I already wear. Though I love the lasting power of the Pro-Longwear range, it’s a particularly heavy coverage that can feel uncomfortable on my face at times.

It was those uncomfortable moments that I was eager to avoid, so I decided to move away from my trusted favourite and onto something new. Well, I wish I hadn’t.

As I said, I was in MAC with an assistant, I told her my issue and she automatically pointed me towards the Waterweight foundation.
She told me it was super lightweight and perfect for combination skin. I figured it wouldn’t really matter if it was slightly less coverage than the Pro-Longwear, as I would still be using the same concealer and Mineralise pressed powder that I swear by.
£25.50 later, I skipped back into work with my MAC bag, excited to try it out the following day.
The next day I sat myself in front of the mirror and started getting ready for work. The bottle itself is quite interesting, glass with a pipette to extract the foundation. It’s all very elaborate and scientific.
The foundation itself is a lot runnier than the Pro-Longwear, possibly because it’s a lighterimage1 coverage. Applying the product is much the same, although as it’s a runnier consistency my skin felt a little bit too dewy, to the point where I was worried if I touched it my face would look patchy.
I applied my concealer and powdered as normal but it still felt a little bit gross.
I bought the foundation in NW15, and as a match to my skin, it’s ok but is a little orange for some reason (maybe just me). Thankfully by using my original concealer it seems to balance everything out again.
Anyway, I stuck with it and headed into work.
To be honest, once I’d got to work my make-up wasn’t really on my mind, until I’d gone downstairs and seen how well it had held in place. As I’d expected, the coverage was OK, however when I took off my glasses I saw quite large patches of where the foundation had worn off, a problem I never had with Pro-Longwear.
By the end of my shift I looked a bit of a patchy mess, I regretted not having brought my powder with me to ease some of the shine. Still, when you’re walking home in the dark, who gives a shit?
At £25 a bottle, I do. A little bit.
In all I tested it out for a week, using my mineralize powder to do touch-ups when I had time, but I ended up with similarly disappointing results. I ended up having to switch back to using a bottle of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation that I had buried away in my make-up box, which was far better (and far cheaper) than the Waterweight.
Kind of embarrassing for MAC I think, but easier on my bank balance, so it’s not ALL bad.
I think overall, the Waterweight foundation is for someone looking for a medium coverage for a few hours in the day. I don’t think it has enough staying power for all day use, certainly for someone with combination skin like mine. I would say it might be good for someone with dry skin judging by how dewy the product felt on application. Again however, the staying-power might be questionable.
Though I don’t really like this product, I will still keep hold of it and use it again in summer. I have a feeling it might be good as a lighter coverage in the warmer weather.
Maybe I’m just trying to avoid admitting I’ve wasted my money…
Have you tried the MAC Waterweight foundation? What did you think of it?
Comment below and let me know!
Till next time,
love, Leigh
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5 thoughts on “Review // MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

  1. Thanks for the review Leigh – really good and detailed and gives a heads-up to stay away from this one! Particulary as I have combo skin, I don’t think this would fare too well on my t-zone!

    Mashanna xoxo

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