What I’m Listening to // Dec & Jan

Hey folks, how are y’all?

It’s that time of the month again, checking out what I’ve had pretty much on repeat and revealing my (sometimes embarrassing) music taste to the world.

Though this post covers December too, I promise you won’t find a single Christmas song in this post. After hearing crappy remixed versions of Christmas songs since the 1st of November at work, I’m quite over the whole ordeal. I spent most of December playing ‘normal’ music, I only caved and whacked on the traditional ‘Now Christmas’ album on Christmas day. My brother quickly changed it to Drake, Kanye and The 1975…
We simultaneously experienced the nightmare of working in retail at Christmas, so I couldn’t blame him.

To be honest, I’ve not really been listening to anything new. If anything, I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic of late, listening to songs that remind me of home and happier times. I suppose we all do that at the end of the year though..

Anyway, let’s crack on!

Level 42 

Ok, so this band comes under my ‘Parental Influences’ Spotify playlist, not because I’m ashamed of liking them or anything, just because it reminds me of being at home when I DO play them. My parents love 80’s music, they play it around the house often and I suppose I miss hearing it now I’ve officially moved out.

My favourite song by Level 42 is ‘Running in the Family’, it has been for years. In fact, I remember having to do a spoken assignment at school one year, it was basically ‘Desert Island Discs’ but in a powerpoint presentation instead of on the radio, obviously. I chose a variety of different songs, (I think I recall a Miley Cyrus song making the list, I was 12, stop judging) but this one was the first, because it reminded me of my dad singing it in the car when it came on the radio. Or something like that, it was a while ago..
Fun fact: I also used this song in the title of my dissertation: ‘Running in the Family: A Psychoanalytic interpretation of the effects of child maltreatment in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea’.
Yeah, I’m still proud of it.

Anyway, the reason I’ve been listening to them a little more than usual is because on the run up to Christmas, you may have seen that a band called Coldplay announced a new tour. I got in touch with my little bother, who I knew was a big fan and asked if he thought it a good idea if we bought tickets for the 4 of us to see them in Manchester. He agreed it would be a good idea, so I thought we’d have my parent’s Christmas presents sorted, UNTIL Level 42 also announced they would be touring in 2016. To cut a long story short, my parents bought the Coldplay tickets, while I sneakily bought us all the Level 42 tickets at the same time.

So on Christmas Day, I bought them both a present each (as something to open) and then handed them their Christmas cards, saying they were from myself and my brother. It was amazing to see their reaction to them opening the piece of paper I’d placed inside with the booking confirmation on it. I think my dad actually cried!

I don’t make a habit of getting sentimental on my blog. I don’t think I ever have, however 2015 has been a series of ups and downs for the Baker family, so having a few things lined up to look forward to is always a positive start to a new year.

Anyway, as I’ve said before my favourite song is ‘Running in the Family’ however I do enjoy a fair few others:

Sun Goes Down  // Lessons In Love // Something About You

Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime

I have been driving my friend INSANE having this song pretty much on repeat all the time. At first he liked it, saying it had a sort of celtic feel to it  but after the 20th play (I’m over-exaggerating, but you get the idea) he threw a look that sort of said ‘For f**k sake Ashleigh, play something else’.
I did stop playing it eventually, but I think I’m allowed to be a little bit excited about the fact that I’ll be going to see them this year!

I think for a while Coldplay had a bad reputation for being ‘bedwetters music’ (according to one of the managers at work), but actually they’ve put out some truly amazing songs over the years, and this song is just another to add to the list.

Adventure of a Lifetime

The Killers 

Now this is a band I’ve loved for years, however I tend to forget they exist until I’m trolling through some random Spotify playlist and see one of their songs pop up. At which point, I lose hours on a Killers hype.

I know a lot of people probably jumped on the bandwagon after hearing ‘Mr Brightside’, but I was late to the party (naturally). I didn’t become a proper fan until ‘Sam’s Town’ was released, mostly because I’d seen Brandon Flowers in a magazine somewhere and being a young, hormonal teenage girl, I developed a crush.

As it goes, the song I’ve kind of re-discovered this month, called ‘When You Were Young’, was from that very same album, released as the first single following the success of Hot Fuzz.

The story behind my loving it so much is quite funny (and a bit morbid). When I was younger (around 12/13) a friend played a Maroon 5 song, and about half way through it she turned to me and said “I want this to be played at my funeral”. My reaction was a mixture of ‘woah where the hell did that come from?!’ and ‘ooh, what would I have at mine?’. Anyway, after giving it some thought, I had decided that I wanted this song to be played at my funeral.

If you’re wondering, yes, that does still stand, however I also want some Enter Shikari and Lady Gaga played too. Oh and yes, I know I’m a bit weird.

Still, in case you haven’t heard it before, enjoy:

When You Were Young

I’ve also been re-kindling my love for their album ‘Day & Age’. My brother bought me it for Christmas just before I turned 16 and I played the thing almost to death. If you’re interested, I’ll leave some of my favourites below:

Spaceman // Joyride // A Dustland Fairytale // Losing Touch

Lana Del Rey 

I’ve loved Lana for a long time and I was quite disappointed with Ultraviolence. I was ready for something as amazing as Born to Die, but it was just full of dreary, depressing, same-y ballads. While they’re ok in moderation, a whole 11-track (14 in the deluxe) album of them is a little too much (with the exception of West Coast, sorry Lana).
I’m hoping Honeymoon is a little better!

Still, in spite of a bit of a dud album (in my opinion), that hasn’t stopped me from going back to her best stuff.

I was listening to Born to Die going through my A-Levels, and though it was one of the most stressful times I’ve ever experienced, listening to it now brings back happy memories of laughing, being productive and academic. Something I’ve done very little of for too long now!

Anyway, even though I’d urge you to listen to the whole album, I suppose I should leave a few of my favourites below to continue the trend:

Blue Jeans // Diet Mountain Dew // Off To The Races // National Anthem // Radio

So there we have it!
I told you there wouldn’t be a single Christmas song in sight, just pure nostalgia.. for me anyway.

I hope you enjoy my picks again this month, let me know what you loved/loathed in the comments below!

Till next time guys,
love, Leigh

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