Mini Lush Christmas Haul & Review

Hey Folks, how are y’all doing?

Today’s post  was a special one, as I wrote this while sailing down the Bridgewater Canal on my very good friend’s newly-purchased narrowboat, Terrabuoyant. While I fully intend to write about my experience living aboard a narrowboat for a whole week, today I’ll continue on with what I had already planned to write; a Lush Christmas Haul and older product Review.

It’s probably going to be an incredibly long-winded post, and for hat I apologize, however timing was such that Lush launched their Christmas range and I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on it all! I had also planned to review some of the other products I’d bought and loved from the Oxford Street store on my brief day-trip down to London some months ago. So I figured, why not do it all in one go?!

I’ll start off with the latest Christmas purchases, and then move on to the older product reviews… seeing as though Christmas is the thing we’re all desperate (or not) to hear about. So a couple of weeks ago my friend and I headed to Liverpool, I journeyed over from Castleton (outside Manchester) as I was already on Terrabuoyant at this point and met her at Lime Street Station. From there we headed towards Liverpool One, specifically the Met Quarter where my lovely friend had an interview.

Just before then we ducked into the Liverpool Lush store (as it’s right next door) and had a quick whizz around, assaulting our senses and covering ourselves in glitter. After the interview took place, we headed back to Lush, grabbed a basket and got stuck in.

I must say at this point, considering my friend had just been paid her student loan (wow, remember those days *sobs*), she was remarkably well behaved with her spending. I however, wasn’t so good.

In my basket went:

Butterbear Bath Bomb   £1.95

Much like the butter-ball bath bomb, this little bear was too cute to leave in the store, and for 1.95, it seems quite the bargain!

Lush 3Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar  £5.25

This reminded me of the Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar, only with tonnes more glitter and a cute bow/bell tied to it… sounds a little like a waste of money when you put it that way – damn. Still, I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

Pumice Power Foot Soap    £3.25

Okay okay, this isn’t a Christmas product, I’m sorry, I lied… I bought this purely because my feet are in desperate need of a good scrub after all the work I’ve been putting in on the boat. It’s not all glittery bubble baths and fresh face masks!

Cinders Bath Bomb   £2.65

I chose this bath bomb, once again because it seems very good value for money, and also because it smells like burnt toffee and honeycomb. Very yummy and perfect for bonfire night!

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar   £4.95Lush 1

This is perhaps the most Christmassy product I bought of the whole range. It looks like a Christmas pudding with holly decoration on the top, packed with glitter and it smells, in my opinion, quite similar to the now discontinued *sobs again* Phoenix Rising. Cinnamon and Nutmeg are quite dominant scents in this bar and it really enc
apsulates the smells of Christmas. They’ve even added the glittery tinsel!

The total spend was 18.05, which probably isn’t half as much as some people might spend at Lush, however as I’m trying to be a little more savvy with the pennies at the moment (and clear off that awful student overdraft I pretty much lived on my whole three years at University), it sort-of felt like a lot.

You’ll notice that I’m probably one of the few that have chosen not to bother buying the Snow Fairy range. While it is available widely (because every blogger and mere mortal seem to rave on about it 24/7), I haven’t bothered because quite frankly, I don’t like it. To me it smells like those foam banana sweets, and I don’t like those either… so generally it’s just not for me, HOWEVER don’t worry, I’m sure you know well enough by now, Snow Fairy is most certainly back in store.

I would also like to give Caitlin a massive shout-out for being incredibly helpful, guiding us around the store. One of the reasons I love it in Lush is they know exactly how to provide excellent customer service, every time I’m in there. This time was slightly more special as she very kindly gave my friend and I a free bath bomb, as congratulations for the interview my friend had just gone to.

I’m not sure she’s really allowed to do something like that… one would assume so, BUT it was a lovely gesture, even if she does lose her job as a result…

Oh god, I hope not.

Anyway, the Pink Ballistic Bath Bomb is now mine. Muahahaha!

I’ve started testing out my newest purchases (but haven’t written a post yet – sorry!), but for now I’ll start talking about the other new-ish products I’ve been using and loving these past few monthsLush 2.

Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar  £5.95

Like I said earlier, this thing reminds me of the new Magic Wand Reusable bar… maybe they’re extending the range – if so, I’m not complaining! This cheeky Flamingo started out life in the Oxford Street store, sat in the doorway looking all new and exciting – a bubble bar on a stick, how exciting!

I picked this up because not only did I know there was a strong possibility I’d never be able to buy it in the Chester store, it also smelled like a tropical cocktail which is always a welcome scent considering I’ve not been able to pay my beloved second home (Lanzarote) a visit this year.

So I brought this home all the way from London, without breaking it, and then kept it especially for either a day off from work, OR for the end of a magnificently shitty day at work. I thought both occasions would suit perfectly. I forget what kind of day I ended up using it for, most likely the shitty one, but still that isn’t really important. What I
do recall is using the whole Flamingo in one hit; it must have been some bad day!

Even though the product is advertised as reusable, I’m simply too damn greedy (or lazy, whatever) and ran it all under the tap, creating one impressive sweet, tropical party. One thing I did notice was that it didn’t have much glitter, something Lush bath products are pretty infamous for; I suspect that’s where the Magic Wand bar comes in. Still, where it lacks in glitter, it makes up in bubbles – by god is this a bubbly bubble bar!

Of course, this may be largely down to the fact that I chose to use it all in one go, however I should think the bar is equally effective when used in segments.

Retailing at 5.95, I’d say this is reasonably good value for money, depending on how many times you use it. While I did enjoy this product, and I did have a very nice bubbly, luxurious bath, I’m not really a bubble bar kind of girl… I’d much prefer to buy two or three bath bombs for the price of one of these.

See, I’m TRYING to be thrifty…

Sugar Daddy-O Conditioning Bar  £5.95

Now THIS, well, what can I say about this that isn’t simply F**K YES THIS IS AWESOME!

Erm, yeah, I rather like this product.

I bought this to use alongside the Curly Wurly coconut shampoo and my every-day purple shampoo (to maintain the blonde), as it promised to strengthen the ends of my hair and add much-needed moisture, especially when using the purple shampoo. It also smells a lot like Parmaviolet sweets you can buy that I loved having as a kid (and now, as a slightly bigger kid), which is an added bonus.

I was a little dubious about how to use this bar at first. After a lifetime of using conditioner from a bottle, to then opt to use what is essentially a bar of soap was a little weird. The first time I used it I ended up rubbing a tonne of conditioner on my hair, way more than I needed, just because I couldn’t see if anything was actually going onto my hair. Even now, it takes me a while to condition my hair enough so that it doesn’t turn into a knotted mess as soon as a towel touches it.

I’ve found that the best way to use this is by squeezing out the excess water, and then just rubbing the bar on the ends, like you would a bar of soap on a flannel for example. Once you can feel the conditioner on the hair, gently massage it through; just to be sure it’s gone everywhere you want it to. I then tend to leave the conditioner on for about 5-7 minutes, but it works just as well if you wash it out after a minute or so.

In terms of longevity, this product lasted for around 2 months before it started to crumble apart. At that point it becomes very difficult to use it any further, but I think 5.95 for a conditioner that keeps your hair smooth, soft, smelling gorgeous and most importantly, that lasts is certainly a winner for me!

Let The Good Times Roll  £6.95

I picked this up purely because it smells like pudding, and it looks like play dough… how childish.

Still, Let The Good Times Roll is an excellent little morning/evening treat for your skin and a nice change from the mighty Ultrabland cleanser I’ve sworn by for months. This cleanser works for both face and body, with a consistency that could almost double up as a light exfoliator, perfect to use once every few days to lightly scrape away the build up of make-up and the stresses of work.

I mentioned it being a welcome change to the Ultrabland cleanser that is a simple, everyday cleanser. Let The Good Times Roll is made from maze flour, polenta, cinnamon and actual popcorn pieces which explains why it smells so good. When I use this my skin feels soft and moisturised afterwards, I can also smell the sweetness of the popcorn and cinnamon on my skin for quite a while afterwards, which for me is a positive but might not be for everyone.

It’s worth mentioning that I don’t use this product every day, I tend to use this twice a week because at almost £7 a pot, I can’t afford to spend an endless supply of money on cleansing products. However it is quite interesting to find that this product is actually cheaper than Ultrabland which retails at £7.50 (and smells like honey rather than gingerbread and pudding), so if you’re looking for a cleanser that works well for combination skin, this is the one for you!

So there we have it, my 2,000 word Lush haul and review. I wouldn’t normally write so much about Lush in one hit, however as they’ve been bringing out some new and exciting seasonal products, it’s impossible to let it all go unnoticed.

Are you a fan of the new Lush products? If so, which ones are you using the most?

Comment below and let me know!

Till next time, 

love, Leigh 



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