For my next trick…

I’ll start this post by saying hello again, and apologizing for my two month absence. I’ve used University as an excuse for my sloppy posting schedule since the start of the year, but now I can no longer hide behind such a time-consuming tie.

I’ve FINISHED, for now.

The last few months have been the most stressful and hectic time I think I’ve ever lived through – forget A-Levels, an 8,000 word dissertation plus another 6,500 words in assignments is a whole new level of horrible.

Still, it’s over now, and I’m happily settled in a new job and have just sorted out a lovely place to live (it even has a Waitrose opposite, to cater to ALL of my middle-class needs), meaning I’m safe in the knowledge that I will continue to live in Chester for the foreseeable future.

Happy days!

As my university days have come to an end, this means I have more time to focus on what I enjoy, blogging. Granted I didn’t hit the keys immediately after submitting the last assignment or finishing my exam, but I thought it a nice idea to have a break away from the computer screen. It grows rather tiring after so long, I’m sure you can empathize.

What now then?

Well, I intend on continuing to finish some of the review blogs I promised AGES ago, I’ve also read a couple of books lately (of my own choosing, for a change) that I’m excited to talk about amongst other things.

I also have a few ideas that may or may not involve YouTube. While it seems a little cliché for bloggers to also attempt to conquer YouTube, I’ll go on record and say I most certainly will not start vlogging. Frankly, my life isn’t interesting enough to do such a thing, plus, I’m not certain I have the patience to sit and watch hours of footage of myself trying to look clever, funny and cool etc etc.

No, my idea is something quite different, but as it is merely an idea at this point, my lips will remain sealed until I’m certain it’ll go ahead.

So there you have it, I’m coming back to my blog. I’ll be frequenting the blog chats, driving people mental with my tweets and Facebook statuses and just generally getting back to how things were BEFORE shit got real.

Till the next time folks.

love, Leigh



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