Sort-of New Music.. Fatherson, ‘I Am an Island’

Hiya folks,

I’m so sorry, this post is LONG overdue, and not just because I’m posting it a day late, but because I’m actually talking about a band I saw way back in February.

Well, I didn’t go to see them specifically, they were actually a support act, but I liked their music and now here I am writing about them!

So, in February my brother and I went to see Enter Shikari and, as I’ve said before, it totally blew our minds, but before we saw Shikari we had to stand for about 2 hours watching three different support acts, Fatherson, Allusondrugs and Feed the Rhino. Thankfully, only one of them was terrible. I’ll say no more.

Anyway, the band I decided might be worth a listen was Fatherson, and I’m really glad I did.Fatherson

Fatherson were formed in Kilmarnock in 2010, but now they’re either based in Glasgow or touring around the UK and Europe and as you can see, their man-to-beard ratio is pretty weighty. Perhaps the beards are the reason behind the music being good..
Some people would say ‘they’re similar to Biffy Clyro’, and that may be but I wouldn’t know to make that comparison (because I don’t listen to Biffy Clyro), I’d describe them as being sort-of like Paramore, but not the shouty, generic ‘Brick by Boring Brick’ Paramore, more ‘The Only Exception’ Paramore.. soft(ish) indie with tonnes of talent.
Make sense?

So their album ‘I Am an Island’ was released in 2014 and is on Spotify for ya’ll to listen to once you’ve finished reading this post…
Right now, with all the deadlines looming, this album has helped me be super productive, and it’s a really nice change from listening to Gaga all the time (shock horror, never thought I’d say it), PLUS it’s good listening to new bands because tickets to see them are really cheap (top student tip there), and you can be the douche-bag who says ‘Oh I was listening to them WAY before they were popular’. Such fun!

But which songs do I like best?
They finished their set at Shikari with ‘I Like Not Knowing’, which was the song that really made me want to check these guys out afterwards, so there’s one!
I also like ‘Hometown’, ‘Cat Stevens’, ‘Mine for Me’ and ‘Half the Things’, but don’t limit yourself to just those tracks, the whole album is great and SUPER easy to listen to.

Like I said, studying is much better with these guys playing in my ears!

So what do you think of Fatherson? Have you seen/heard them before?

Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Alejashleigh!

Till next time,

love, Leigh


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