Sisterhood of the World Award

Happy Thursday folks, I hope you’re all well and enjoying this lovely weather!

So my intention this week was to do an album review, as I haven’t done one in such a long time, HOWEVER that will have to wait till Sunday because the wonderful Rebecca from Sheintheknow tagged me in her ‘Sisterhood of the World’ post, and I think that demands more attention than some pesky band. Anyway, you may recall I was given the Liebster Award back in February where I was asked to answer a few questions set out by another blogger, well, this is very similar.

Best start answering then!

1 – What are your goals for 2015?

My main goal at the moment is to finish Uni and graduate, after that I want to be able to find a job and stay in Chester. I’d also love to spend even more time working on my blog, at the moment I’m pretty limited to how much I can do with deadlines etc, but once that’s all done with, I’m gunning for Zoella-style-success! (You think I’m joking…)

2 – Top two places you would like to visit

Ireland, because my friends have just been and I was SUPER jealous of them.

Austin, Texas, because I’d love to go to RTX and meet everyone, I think it would blow my tiny mind!

3 – How did you discover my blog?

I found Sheintheknow through one of the weekly #lblogger chats on Twitter. I’m very new to blog chats but after getting involved in them a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found it a brilliant way to network, get advice and have a lovely chat with like-minded people. I suspect one of us will have said something the other agreed with retweeted/favourited it and followed each other as a result, that’s usually how I end up finding new blogs these days!

4 – Do you find blogging challenging? If so why?

Yes I often find blogging challenging. It’s pretty well known that I’m balancing this with University and often my desire to work on my blog is way stronger than my desire to finish my degree.

Terrible, I know!

I also find looking at the stats a challenge, because sometimes I feel like I’ve written a really cracking post (in fairness, they’re all brilliant, but some are ESPECIALLY brilliant) and the stats just don’t always reflect that. Sometimes when this happens, the challenge is to carry on, remember that I’m doing this for me, and the fact that it made me happy writing at the time so I should focus on that. Good stats should be a bonus, not something to take for granted, right?

5 – Who is your current style crush?

Lady Gaga, always.

She has the confidence to wear whatever she wants, without feeling self conscious, and that’s something every insecure individual should take from her. Even if they hate her music, admire her confidence.
Also, I think there are so few musicians/artists that genuinely appreciate fashion, in every form, and she’s always ahead of everyone else. Whatever Gaga wears, you’ll find Katy Perry and Madonna trying to re-create months down the line.

6 – What career are you currently set on?

I’m not currently set on anything.

I think the overarching theme is content creation, and in an ideal world I’d love to work for an F1/Formula E team (in PR of course) AND live in Austin making gaming videos for Rooster Teeth, and continue blogging…

7 – Where are you from? Do you like it?

I’m from Bradford, West Yorkshire. It’s funny because when I’m there, I’m pretty ashamed of the state of the place because of the lack of opportunities and the fact that everything has pretty much closed down in the town centre. But when I’m not there, I’m very proud of where I’m from.

I think that tends to happen with everyone though!

I would say that for the most part, I do like Bradford because of my friends and family and the memories I have there, but Bradford is nowhere near as nice as Chester.

8 – Do you have any fears? If so what are they?

I have an irrational fear of calling people I don’t know, or answering the phone, but that tends to be when you start a new job and you’re expected to answer the phone and you have no sodding clue what the person is talking about, or how to deal with it because you’ve only been working there for a few days..


9 – What is your favourite TV Series at the moment?

I’ve said before Family Guy is my all-time favourite show, but I’m also pretty excited for Game of Thrones to be starting again too.
I also love watching ‘Supervet’ because Noel Fitzpatrick (and his team) is amazing, the pets are adorable and I won’t lie, he’s quite attractive.

10 – Do you have a weird/wacky talent?

I don’t think I have any weird talents (I’m sure friends will tell me otherwise later), but as I said once before, I’m a musician, which is kind of a talent?

Now, my 10 questions are:

1 – Favourite author?
2 – Which song/artist did you listen to last?
3 – Can you cook/bake? If so, what’s your ‘signature dish’?
4 – Where is your favourite place to socialise, why? (bar, coffee shop etc)
5 – Who would you want to attend your dream dinner party?
6 – Ideal holiday destination?
7 – Favourite YouTuber, why?
8 – If you could only own 5 items for the rest of your life, what would they be?
9 – Who do you admire most in life?
10 – What was the last lie you told?

And I nominate:

Curious Alice Loves
Cheap-skate Beauty
Life with Rossye
In the Present
An Aspiring Medic
Pull Yourself Together
Ohh So Glam

Have fun guys, I look forward to seeing your answers!, Leigh 


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