Chocolate-y Perfection, Make-Up Revolution Baked Eyeshadow

Hiya folks, Happy Easter!

I hope you all got lots of lovely Easter goodies got up to something considerably more exciting than me (I’ll be spending my afternoon/evening in the Uni library).

You may have seen in my last post, I went on a little shopping trip/bev day with my housemates and it didn’t take me too long to start experimenting with the products I bought.
It made sense to me to begin playing with the products in the order I bought them, which means.. Make-UMUR Chocolate Deluxep Rev, you’re up!

So as I said before, I bought two products from this stand but as of this moment, I’ve only really had time to PROPERLY work with one product, the 5 Baked Eye-shadow set in ‘Chocolate Deluxe’. I liked the look of this palette because you can use the product to achieve a couple of different looks without having to scramble around and find your other palettes, plus the colours (especially the pink-y red) drew me in like a moth to a flame…

But what was it like to use?
I think it’s been well documented that although Make Up Rev is generally a brilliant brand for the price, there does tend to be a couple of dud shades/products floating around, but again, given the price it’s hardly surprising. After using this a couple of times now, I can honestly say that I’ve not had any issues in terms of strength of pigment and staying-power.
Granted I tend to put this over a cream eye-shadow base, but hey, if it works it works!

When I’ve used this, I’ve tended to work the bottom-centre shade (bronze-y brown) into the outer crease MUR Chocolate Deluxeof my eye, and then blending the bottom-left shade (gold-y pink/red) from the inner corner outwards. I then finish by pushing the top-left shade (pink shimmer) into the very corner of my eyes and lightly brushing the top-right shade onto my brow-bone to act as a highlighter. Obviously there are other ways to use this product, but that’s what I’ve liked to do thus far!

If I do have to find any flaw, I’d say the eye-shadow’s tend to be quite crumbly (probably because it’s baked..). My advice would be to make sure you REALLY tap the brush before you apply, otherwise you end up with it all over your face rather than just your eyes.

So, do you already have this product, if so, what do you think about it?

Comment below and let me know or tweet me @Alejashleigh!

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love, Leigh x

MUR Chocolate Deluxe

MUR Chocolate Deluxe


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