Poetry Corner, Adieu Mr Clarkson.

Today’s post is probably a one-time-only thing. Inspired by this weeks news that Jeremy Clarkson will no longer be involved in Top Gear, one of my favourite shows.
While I could probably write a longer post on the subject, I highly doubt I could say anything truly original on the matter, so instead I felt compelled to do something a little different.

Those who know me well enough will know I love to read Private Eye, and within that, they have a tiny poetry segment where they tend to discuss a recently deceased politician/celebrity etc, from that I felt inspired to write my own about Clarkson losing his contract.
I’m not one for writing poetry, in fact, I’m not convinced it’s really a poem, but still I felt like giving it a go…so be nice!

Anyhow, here it is:

So. Farewell
Then Jeremy Clarkson,
Shaved gorilla come motor journalist.
You spent hours drifting and making doughnuts,

Funny then,
That a lack of doughnuts
Should be your undoing.

And on that bombshell…


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