Painting on Irish Eyes – St. Patrick’s Day make-up!

Yes it’s that time of year again, when every man and his dog head to the pub to drink unhealthy amounts of Guinness, every non-Irish person attempts their best Dublin accent and people pretend they have Irish descendants (turns out, I’m a 16th Irish, and proud of it).

It’s also the perfect opportunity to wear colours I wouldn’t usually bother with. Green on green, with a touch of green.
I’d have thrown orange into the mix too but I’m sadly lacking orang-y shades.. something for next year I think!

Anyway, I’ll start off by saying I wasn’t intentionally going for a St. Patrick’s Day-related look, it was more ‘Oh, there’s a green-y eye-shadow in this palette, sod it I’ll use that’, and then after finishing my make-up thought, I should blog about this…
So here I am!

For this specific ‘look’, I used two shadows from the same palette which was handy, I hate faffing around my make-up bag to look for specific colours. The palette in question is from Make Up Revolution, ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’, which is available online but also widely available in Superdrug too.

As you can see, the shade is more of a teal colour, that I put across the lid, I then added a little bit of dark green in the outer-corner and crease of the eye for ‘dramatic effect’… aka because I can.


I then decided to add some gold eye-shadow to my lower lash line, but I’m not sure you can really see it in my selection of selfies (sorry!).


I finished off the ‘look’ by adding some No7 lipgloss in ‘Coral Kiss’, just because I thought lipstick would probably be a bit much. Even for me…!

So, any thoughts on today’s ‘look’ or have you done something similar?

Be sure to tweet me @alejashleigh, or comment below and let me know!
Also, have a wonderful remainder of St Patrick’s Day.


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