The PERFECT 5-Minute Eye Product!

Today’s post is largely inspired by the severe rush I had in getting ready to go to uni this morning.
We’ve all been there haven’t we?
When you’re leisurely getting ready to go out, watching YouTube videos and faffing around, taking a little longer than necessary on your hair, and then you look at the clock and think,
‘Shit, I’m gonna be late.’

I may as well say now, I wasn’t late, it’s just that my house-mate and I tend to set off early to make time for getting a coffee or the army of parents dropping their children off at the school near our house. So while I was still probably making good time, in terms of our usual routine, I wasn’t.

So it was probably around 8:30 and I still had to get dressed, brush my teeth, pack up my books and leave, all in the space of 10 minutes. While I’d finished my hair and make-up to an acceptable standard (i.e. I could walk out of the door but not be 100% happy with how I looked), I still felt like something was missing.
I think because I was pushed for time I decided to apply some purple eye-liner to my lower lash-line, just to make my face look a little less washed-out. I mean, I probably would have looked fine without, but as I’ve said before in other make-up posts, I like having SOMETHING a little bit different.
Anyway, needless to say, I wasn’t happy with how that looked either, so I routed around in my make-up bag and found what I think has to be THE BEST ‘in-a-serious-rush-but-still-need-to-look-fabulous’ eye-shadow product I’ve used this year.

Say hello to my new best friend ‘Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick‘ in Paranoid Purple, coincidentally bought for me by my best friend/wife/house-mate/bitch (she has many nicknames) last month because she knows how much I love purple. I’d used this product only a couple of times before as a base for other powder products, so using it for a one-product smokey-eye style (though probably not because I only had 5 minutes) creation, was probably a little stupid.
As it goes, I don’t think it was!

The product went on very easily and was highly pigmented. As you can see in the picture below, Paranoid Purple is quite dark, with a hint of black (is that even possible?) making it perfect to build up in the crease and the outer-corner of the eye. I then blended the product to the inner corners which was nice and easy. I find cream-based products are so much easier to work with than powder, powder goes on and sticks in one place, whereas with this product I was able to blend quickly and get on with getting ready.
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

So, after returning from Uni, I figured I should tell you guys about this little beauty. Though after doing a little research this colour doesn’t seem to be available anymore, which is strange…
Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough!

Anyway, needless to say, there are plenty of other awesome colours for you to get your hands on, and I would say they are DEFINITELY worth having a look at. Especially if you’re anything like me and too lazy to get up early enough to spend time on your eyes without rushing…
Though, who really gets dolled-up for a 9am seminar?

So, have you tried this product, what are your thoughts?
Am I the only one being lazy?
Tweet me @alejashleigh or comment below and let me know… Also, don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’, so you’ll never miss a post!

Till next time,

love, Leigh



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