Weird Sh*t Weird Students do…

So yesterday, my house-mates and I went out to do a standard food shop in town.

I had a specific list:

– Spuds

– Mayo (can’t exist without it)

–  Sparkling Water (it’s my new fad)

– Hand Soap

– Conditioner

95% of which I bought, along with some other impulse bits and pieces. One impulse item however, was a jar of ‘Hipp Organic – Scrumptious Sunday Lunch’ baby food. Before you all jump to any conclusions, this is not me attempting to announce to the world that I’m pregnant, god knows THAT will never happen… I think now is the time to add some context.

In our local Tesco it just so happens that the Hand Soap is right next to the baby food, and after stocking up on soap for our two bathrooms and kitchen, my house-mate *Javert turned her attention to the selection of jars and sachets by announcing,

‘Ooh, let’s look at the baby food!’

My other house-mate and I looked up at each other, then stared at Javert as though to say ‘Are you feeling O.K love?’, but then proceeded to follow her down the aisle with the trolley. She went on to say how she thought certain smoothy-style fruit sachets looked really good and she’d love to try them one day.

Then I opened my mouth.

‘We should buy some and try it.’

‘What, really?’

‘Yeah why not? I’ll pick a main, you pick a pudding!’

At this point, I was reminded of a video I’d seen on YouTube ages ago, of a couple of my favourite YouTubers, Charles and Alli, undertaking the briefly popular ‘Baby Food Challenge’, and thought it would be equally hilarious to do the same. So we spent about 5 minutes deliberating what delights we should sample.

Let me tell you, it was a tough decision to make. I mean how can you make a decision between ‘Cheesy Broccoli and Spinach’, ‘My First Bolognese’ and ‘Grandpa’s Sunday Dinner’ (no idea what the difference between a standard Sunday Dinner and Grandpa’s Sunday Dinner would be.. a hint of racism perhaps?), but eventually I went with ‘Scrumptious Sunday Lunch’ because it looked a bit like Swede and Carrot mash, and had lumps, which had the potential to make it even more grim.

Javert had the task of choosing pudding. Surprising how many products had Banana (a.k.a devil food) in it, neither of us like Banana so that made it a little more difficult. Initially she chose the ‘Mango Surprise’, but then opted for the classic Cow & Gate ‘Summer Fruit Salad’ instead after finding that the ‘Surprise’ was actually Apple flavouring. What a let down.

So we headed for the check out with our goods. Lord knows what the check-out assistant thought about us both buying one jar of baby food each, but never mind, we bought them anyway and headed back home.

The chosen products
As I said before, our ‘main meal’ was the ‘Scrumptious Sunday Lunch’, which, when opened smelled like vegetable soup with a hint of chicken Cup-a-Soup flavouring, and when microwaved looked like vomit. The lumps of carrot made it worse, because there always tends to be remnants of carrot in vomit, even when you haven’t eaten carrots for days…
Below you’ll find a comparison shot of what the food looked like before and after being microwaved for about a minute. From pasty vomit, to what my house-mate described it as ‘that plastic vomit you get at joke shops’. Couldn’t have put it better myself…

Sunday Lunch - Before Microwave

Sunday Lunch - After Microwave

Sadly, the time came to try the culinary delight…

I’ll admit writing this blog has been slightly difficult for me, because I’m not reviewing these products at all, just describing something amusing that happened in the house yesterday. Yet I feel like if you’re reading this, you have may SOME interest in what it actually tastes like. I’ll try my best.

Javert and I took a small teaspoon full and went for it. The lukewarm, half-mushy half-lumpy concoction tasted mostly like carrot and potatoes, with that same weak Cup-a-Soup chicken flavouring I could smell before. Needless to say, it wasn’t very nice. Like someone had half-blended up a really shit soup and put it in a jar.
So baby food in a nutshell then…

After we’d washed our mouths out of that disaster, we moved on to our lovely ‘Summer Fruit Salad’ pudding. Smelling this reminded me exactly of the kind of baby food that babies get all over their faces because it’s that crap they spit half of it out. It has a sort of sickly, unnaturally sweet smell and the consistency of someone’s snot when they’re suffering from a cold.
Summer Fruit Salad pudding
To be honest, it tasted like sweet fruity goo/snot too. It turned my stomach a little bit so I ended up spitting it out, turns out I draw the line at fruit-flavoured baby food!
Javert said she liked it but then said she felt sick, so that was that.

It’s truly amazing the extremes students will go to for the purposes of procrastination…Surely we’re not the only ones, have you done anything crazy to put something off?
Comment below and let me know, or tweet me @alejashleigh and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ if you liked this weeks weird post!

*I’ve changed the names of my house-mates for anonymity purposes.


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