Throwback Thursday: White Teeth Teens

I’ve talked about Lorde before on a previous post, so you already know I loved her album ‘Pure Heroine’ last year.

‘White Teeth Teens’ is a song that really resonates with me, and many others I suspect, just because of what it addresses, even though you might not realise it. Lorde said in an interview that the song was basically about the struggle between teenage social groups, the desperation to fit in and be ‘popular’.
We’ve all been there, we’ve all sat from the outside looking in enviously at that group of ‘popular’ kids who seem to have everything they’ve ever wanted, they say ‘jump’ and the rest of us say ‘how high’. It’s only till a few years after leaving school that you realise how stupid it all was.

For me this song recognises this teenage struggle, and sticks two fingers up at it all.
Something I wish I’d been clever enough to do years ago!



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