Lush is…lush!

It’s the store virtually every beauty blogger raves about, and now I’m about to do the same… but Lush is just awesome, offering a wide range of hand-made wonderfully scented products, following in the footsteps of The Body Shop in using natural ingredients and totally against animal testing.
I never really bothered with Lush before coming to Chester, mainly because we didn’t have a store in Bradford. To be honest, we don’t have a right lot in Bradford, coming to Chester has been like coming back into civilisation at times…
Anyway, back to Lush.
Though we don’t have a bath in our house (sadly we have a shower instead, but those bath bombs look totally amazing, especially the purple and gold one), the product range doesn’t end there.

Just recently I started really trying to get into a ‘good skincare routine’, i.e. going through the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise process religiously. Pretty basic stuff, I know, but I’m just so indifferent and basically clueless that I don’t really tend to bother. Previously I used the Simple Cleanser and Toner, however I found that for me, the cleanser tended to make my skin oiler than it was already.
Basically it was doing more bad than good, so I decided to change it up.

I went into Lush to buy myself another pot of my facemask, Cupcake, and ended up talking to the lovely staff who very kindly recommended the ‘Ultrabland’ cleanser. I’ve been using the cleanser for just over two weeks now, and normally I wouldn’t want to do a review so soon, but I’m so happy with this product, I HAD to do it…

Ultrabland Cleanser
As I mentioned before, I bought this product upon recommendation from one of the assistants, who told me he suffered from the same issues. I tend to have quite dry skin in some areas, while other parts of my face seem to go mad with the oil production. Not sure what it is, clearly I’m an oddball… or perhaps my face is trying to kid itself that it’s still a teenager, either way it’s a pain.

The product is made with almond oil, honey, beeswax and rose water and has a really nice earthy/honey smell. I know it sounds odd tackling generally quite oily skin with a product laced with oil, but what this little beauty does is take away the excess, ‘without stripping away your skin’s natural defences’, something other products (I’m thinking Clearasil and all those other horrendous products that are rammed down teenagers throats – or rather, slapped onto their incredibly unstable faces) are guilty of.
I know you’ll probably think ‘Leigh this doesn’t apply to me!’ but oh how wrong you are!
With this product it doesn’t matter, Utrabland is suitable for ALL skin types, so don’t think this post doesn’t apply to you, it totally does!

In store I was advised exactly how to use this product, and the results I should start seeing. Something I now intend to pass onto you. The lovely lad told me to apply the product quite thinly all over my face, and then wash it off thoroughly with a face cloth, if you keep it on, you’ll end up with extra oily skin, and that isn’t the goal here. I tend to apply this before I jump into the shower, and then wash it off in there. I don’t tend to add as much moisturiser afterwards, because my skin feels nice and hydrated after I’ve used it anyway.

The assistant also warned me that I was highly likely to have a breakout in the first week of using it (which I did, but it wasn’t too bad) but to stick with it, because once your skin gets used to the product, it works a treat, which it does. As I said, I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks now and I must say, I don’t think my skin has been any better, my make-up seems to go on better, my entire outlook upon life has been changed by the introduction of this product into my life.
I’m joking of course, but really I’d say this product is well worth a try if you fancy a change.

Cupcake Facemask
I briefly mentioned this product in a previous blog, but thought I should talk about it in a little more detail considering!
I started using this product as a way of combating my oily skin, after speaking to the guys at Lush, they told me this would be the best thing (in addition to the Ultrabland). In comparison to Ultrabland (which smells slightly like honeycomb), Cupcake smells AMAZING, like a chocolate cake in a pot, sadly it doesn’t taste like one (I tried a teeny bit, don’t judge, I’m sure I’m not the only one) but as it seems a luxurious product I only tend to use it once a week, unless I feel like I need a pamper day.
Cupcake contains a mixture of Rhassoul Mud, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa butter, which draws out impurities for a deep cleanse in addition to the fresh mint and vanilla which tones the skin and I think, makes the mask feel slightly lighter and a lot less cake-y than it otherwise might.
This product tends to be a part of my Saturday morning routine, about 15 minutes before I jump in the shower, and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated enough to (sometimes) not bother moisturising afterwards.

It’s worth mentioning, Lush have a wide variety of masks available for every skin type, so don’t just go out and buy Cupcake because it smells good, or because I love it, make sure you figure out your skin type BEFORE or ask one of the wonderfully helpful assistants if you’re struggling. If you DO think Cupcake will suit you then I recommend it 100%, along with the Ultrabland Cleanser which is suitable for all skin-types and equally awesome.

Do you use these products, what are your thoughts on Cupcake and Ultrabland?
Comment below, or tweet me @alejashleigh and let me know!

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Till next time, 

love, Leigh



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