Throwback Thursday: Sorry You’re Not A Winner

This week I’m getting ready to see one of my favourite bands, Enter Shikari. I bought tickets as a Christmas present for my brother (and myself, I won’t lie) and I’m beside myself with excitement.

I was introduced to this band in 2006 by a friend, though this wasn’t the first song I heard (‘Return to Energiser’ if you’re interested) I would say ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ is their most famous/popular track, and every ex-emo kid will know about the clapping at the beginning…
Before you think ‘what the hell is this shit?’ you have to remember, I was a teenager trying to find herself. One of these mini-identity crisis’s meant I listened to emo-y music, back-combed my hair and wore badly applied eyeliner. I don’t THINK there’s any photographic evidence of that cringe-worthy period, but I won’t hold my breath.

Anyway, this band really stuck with me and they have some really good ideas regarding UK and World politics, in addition to global warming and the class system (amongst many other things, if you can make them out).
Be sure to check them out if you like shouty music, or fancy listening to a hybrid mix of electronic and metal.

Thoughts on Enter Shikari?
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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Sorry You’re Not A Winner

  1. This is an incredible throwback! I recently made an entire playlist of screamo/emo tunes circa 2002-2005 to please my inner 17 year old.

    Have fun at the gig! I’m gutted I couldn’t get tickets.

    Jay x

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