Battle of the Brows, Brow Zings vs. Brow this Way

I find make-up a mystery, always have done and probably always will. For whatever reason, I was never really interested in make-up at an early age, it isn’t a bad thing, and 9/10 I wish I was still as indifferent as I was back then. As a result, I’ve taken way longer than most (in my opinion, especially when I compared myself to the other girls in secondary school), to find products that really work, and most importantly, SUIT my skin tone.

There are still things I really struggle with, for example, like most girls women these days, I really love winged eyeliner, however, god knows I can NEVER EVER get it right. My best friend has no trouble with it, which is really frustrating.. perhaps it’s genetic, anyway, for whatever reason, I can’t do it. I came to this conclusion after trying many many different types of eyeliner, pens, pencils, brushes, whatever they’re using to promise results, I’ve probably tried it. And failed, over and over again.
Another make-up enigma seems to be the eyebrows.
Now, after years of working out which products I like best, I had never really considered doing my brows. That was the only thing left to fill-in, so to speak. I’ve always been pretty reluctant to do it because of the many different ways people tend to do them. In my opinion, they often end up looking hideously over-the-top, too dark, not suiting the hair colour, or a noticeable difference between where the natural brow starts and where it’s been drawn on. Like a child has come along and drawn way over the lines in a colouring book, if you catch my drift…
Also, I don’t tend to pluck my eyebrows to resemble tiny tadpoles, which means my brows are reasonably dark anyway, so not a great need to add a product, right?

Well, yes, but I had a gift-voucher for Debenhams (a big thank you to my aunty for that one) that I hadn’t spent yet, and MAC was calling my name.
Have you ever been to a MAC counter on a Saturday afternoon?
It’s like a scene from The Hunger Games, seriously, they have a Katniss look-alike stood giving everyone that three-finger salute before they go in. May the odds ever be in your favour.
Totally crazy.
Anyway, turns out the odds weren’t in my favour at MAC (plus I was scared to have them try any products on me, some of the assistants eyebrows were just too much), so I wandered over to Benefit, which was considerably quieter (with assistants that had natural-looking brows) to see what they had to offer.

I was greeted by an Irish girl, who told me about the Brow Zings brow kit. I’ll be honest, I struggled to hear what she was saying, not because of her accent (I love the Irish accent, plus I have friends much more broad than she was) but because each counter seems to love playing music really loud to make them stand out, but they don’t, it just merges into this loud wall of noise so that they can get away with charging £24.50 for a brow kit because you thought they said £14.50.

Yep, £25 for a brow kit.
What has hurt me the most, I think, is that I was browsing (aha, get it?) at the make-up counters the other day in Boots, and I found what looked like a dupe for the Brow Zings kit. Enter the Rimmel London Brow This Way brow kit.
But which is better?

Benefit Brow Zings Brow Kit – £24.50 (Medium)

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of obviously drawn-on brows. When the assistant used this product on me for the first time in store, I was pretty happy with the results, like I’d finally finished my make-up instead of looking like I’d just forgotten to do it and leaving myself with powdery brows (again, does this make sense?).

Brow Zings comes as a compact with a mirror in the lid, along with two miniature hard-angle brushes and a pair of mini tweezers, making it ideal to pop in your handbag if you think you’ll have a brow-related disaster while out and about! The product also comes with two ‘lessons’ cards, teaching you how to create two different shapes of brow if you fancy mixing it up a little.

So, I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now, and I’m still really happy with the results. I’ve found that the wax goes on really nicely (i.e. not too dark) and is really easy to blend through the brow, giving that natural look I was going for. The powder sets the wax in place and gives the brow a less painted-on feel. I’ll admit, I don’t tend to use too much of the powder, just because I think the assistant was a little too liberal with it for my liking.. I came dangerously close to really orange-y brows that day. *shudders*

Overall though, Brow Zings is worth it, if you have the money!

Rimmel London Brow This Way – £3.99 (Medium Brown 002)

This product is HUGELY different in price, and also makes a Lady Gaga reference which means it’s already a winner in my opinion!

Unlike Brow Zings, it doesn’t have a mirror, but it does have a mini-brush (one end is a hard brush to define the brow and the other side is soft for blending) and a combing brush, which I think is the only thing the Brow Zing’s really lacks.

I’ll admit, I’ve not used this product as often as the Brow Zings, so I fear my review of this product may be slightly biased (though I’ll try not to be). However, upon applying the wax, I instantly noticed a difference. I found that though the colour of the wax looks exactly the same as the Brow Zings wax, it is quite a bit darker. This meant I had really really bold brows the first time I used it, which I wasn’t all too happy about. After I’d got used to the stronger colour I learned I had to be a lot lighter in application than I would have to be using Brow Zings. It’s not a massive issue, and if I were to buy this product again, I would probably go one shade lighter to just see if that suited me any better.

Like Brow Zings, the wax and the powder were really easy to blend through the brow, especially with the combing brush provided. Something Benefit could learn from, perhaps?

Overall, I would say this product is definitely worth a try, but do remember to go lightly with it at first ’till you get used to it! I think if someone forced me to choose which product I would rather have, I would pick the Brow Zings, just because I can get the natural looking brow more easily, however realistically, I can’t afford to spend £24.50 on an eyebrow kit. I think next time I’m in need of an eyebrow kit, I’ll head over to the Rimmel counter rather than Benefit!

Have you tried these products before? Do you agree with my review?
Comment below and let me know, or tweet me @alejashleigh!






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