Throwback Thursday: Neighbourhood

This week is a song that always reminds me of home, seeing as though I’ll be going back for a few days next week (my dad pointed out I’m going back on Ash Wednesday, it was meant to be, clearly).
‘Neighbourhood’ by the Liverpudlian band, Space, is a song that always used to get played really loudly if my parents were going to be cleaning the house. This or Sophie Ellis Bextor, it varies.
According to Wikipedia, the album ‘Spiders’ (where the song resides) was released in 1996, meaning I was only 2 years old when this song was playing around me. You could say this is the first ACTUAL throwback I’ve had so far, in the few weeks I’ve been doing this.

As I said, I tended to hear this song when my parents were going to be cleaning the house; the first few notes and I knew the vacuum cleaner would be joining in with the song at some point within the next 2 minutes. I’m not sure we ever actually listened to the album all the way through either, I think they used to just skip to the favourites. I’m not complaining, those three favourites I know are pretty good!
My parents weren’t really fans of 90’s music, and I can hardly blame them, it was a weird decade filled with bands that looked as though they’d fit in on the Jeremy Kyle Show (Space included, I’d say), but there are a few songs that stuck. This song sits comfortably in a Spotify playlist entitled ‘Parental Influences’ that I whack on when I feel a bit homesick or feeling nostalgic, or just fancy listening to some 80’s music.
Yes Mum, I do get homesick.

Anyway, do you have any songs that remind you of home?
Thoughts on the song?

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