Lanzarote = Not Grotty pt2

The weekend brought further opportunity to go out and see the island. This time we opted to visit a couple of old-haunts and a hidden gem not too far away.
Shortly after lunch on Saturday we set off for our first stop, burial place of Canarian artist Cesar Manrique and all-round beautiful village, Haria.
Usually whenever we’ve visited Haria there has been a little craft market on in the main square, however on this occasion I think we’d arrived a little too late. We probably should have known better really, everything tends to go dead at around 2/3 o’clock in the villages for a siesta and then picks up again at around 6.
I find Haria a refreshing change to the resorts; in comparison Haria is almost empty of shops (with only two in the centre) and restaurants (of which I spotted three), but for me it reflects the simplistic Canarian way of life, and the fact that Lanzarote isn’t purely built for tourism.
Still, it was nice to have a wander around all the same, and I think I got some pretty shots for the photo album!

The next place we visited was slightly off the beaten track, and a free alternative to Mirador del Rio which offers some spectacular views of Lanzarote’s closest neighbour, La Graciosa. The only problem with this place is that you MUST have a car if you were to visit, coach tours tend to visit Mirador instead and a taxi would probably cost you the earth.
If you DO have a car, head out of Haria and on to the ‘Tropical Zoo’, turn left where you see the sign and follow the road right to the end. There you’ll be met with some stunning views in sunshine or clouds, right on the edge of the island.

You’ll notice in one of the images in the gallery below, a small collage of multi-coloured pieces of pot, with the words ‘Dejate Llevar’ meaning ‘Let yourself go’, something I did that night at the Costa Sal 80’s Disco, and seriously regretted it the next morning.
After I’d been sick a few times, slept off a migraine and scarfed down a sausage sarnie, I was ready to tackle the day.

For anyone that has flown into Arrecife airport, they will know that you land right next to the sea. Matagorda is roughly 10 minutes (by taxi) away from the airport and as a result of it’s closeness, the beach in Matagorda runs right next-to and along the runway. This often means the beach has the odd plane-spotter hanging around watching as aircraft fly right over their heads or take off next to them.
While that’s interesting for some, it’s also a nice beach to spend time on. It’s usually much quieter (people-wise), with the odd local Spanish couple coming down to sunbathe away from the other beaches filled with holiday-makers, and the sand is slightly damper, meaning you don’t have to spend ages brushing sand off yourself when you leave!
Don’t worry about the noise from the planes, Arrecife airport isn’t London Heathrow, but I would say the busiest days tend to be Thursday and Saturday, so if plane-spotting isn’t your cup of tea I’d avoid those days.
As you can see below, I spent my Sunday sunbathing and trying to get some pretty photo’s of planes as they went by.
You don’t always have to do something grand to enjoy yourself!

Again, until next time…

3 thoughts on “Lanzarote = Not Grotty pt2

  1. I love your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

      1. Thank you, you are so sweet and yes I agree! At least the blogging community is amazing here and we get to meet people from all around the world ☺️

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