Spend Spend Spend: Make-Up Revolution, is revolutionary!

It’s fair to say that you can’t buy good quality make-up without paying an arm and a leg, and while I love MAC as much as the next person, I don’t much appreciate spending £15 on just one lipstick.

I’m a poor student for goodness sake, £15 is valuable socialising money!

that was until fellow blogger Look Beyond Beauty introduced myself and her other readers to newly-established brand Make-Up Revolution London.

After having a good look around the website, I decided upon trying a couple of eyeshadow palettes and a lipstick.

The first palette I chose is called ‘Salvation Palette Welcome to the Pleasuredome’, containing a nice mixture of matte and shimmer colours that can be used everyday (particularly the nude/brown shades) and on a night out. I think what drew me to this palette particularly was the blue and purple shades; you see people wear nude eyeshadow frequently, it’s nice to be a little bit different, and at £6, different has never been more affordable.

The second palette I chose was ‘Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Flawless’ which once again, has a combination of matte and shimmer shades that you can mix and match till your heart is content. I’ll admit, the picture of the product on the website doesn’t do any justice to some of the shades. It seems like a lot of varieties of white, when in actual fact, the product contains some beautiful golden shimmers that I would argue are perfect for any time of day, particularly in the summer!

Finally, I decided to buy a lipstick, because frankly if you don’t try you’ll never know, and when it’s £1, you won’t be losing very much! I decided to try ‘Twist’, mainly because I’d been to MAC that day and seen ‘Dangerous’ but couldn’t be arsed justifying myself in spending £14 more for the same shade of lipstick with a different name on it.
I think of all the products, the lipstick is the one that appears the most cheap and tacky packaging wise (the plastic is flimsy and probably easily breakable) but the quality of the colour pigment, and its lasting-power is worth that bank-breaking £1 (ha!) 10x over. Granted it’s not EXACTLY like ‘Dangerous’, it’s quite a bright red-y orange shade, but it brings a summery feel to any outfit and doesn’t dry out your lips like some lipsticks might!

Overall, I would say this brand is well worth taking a look at. Sure some of the shades are a bit hit and miss, but you have to keep in mind the price you’re paying for these products. I think I’d have been more upset if I’d spent £60 on a palette and found that a couple (and I mean 2 or 3) of shades are a bit crap. Put it this way, I spent £17.95 on the new ‘Pure Heroine’ lipstick inspired by Lorde from MAC, and immediately after, spent exactly the same amount (including delivery) for 48 eyeshadow shades and a lipstick.

Make Up Revolution – I’ll say!

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