Spend Spend Spend: Rimmel London & Real Techniques


I bought these three products shortly after the sunny weather made an appearance, mainly because I was starting to get a bit of a tan and the foundation I USED to use made me look like a ghost.
I’m the first one to admit that it’s very hard to find a foundation that will suit your skin-type. I’ve wasted money on loads of varieties promising the ‘air-brush effect’ everyone is chasing after, powder, mousse, minerals and liquid, nothing has ever been exceptionally good. After a discussion with my housemate, I decided that I needed to buy myself a primer (no idea why I hadn’t thought of it before) and a better make-up brush, so that hopefully the make-up would apply well and last!

I looked at some other product reviews (Zoella, Tanya Burr etc) before venturing into Boots and deciding to pick up the ‘Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation‘ in 100 Ivory, in addition to the ‘Rimmel Stay Matte Primer‘, because no-one likes an unintentionally shiny face, let’s be honest!

After testing them both out for about a week now, I’m quite impressed, it suits my skin (while slightly tanned) and lasts a good few hours without having to top up with powder. With the Real Techniques Stippling Brush I can really work the foundation into my skin so it doesn’t feel heavy and disgusting. I must admit, I think the whole reason why the foundation works so well is because of the brush. With the short bristles I can really work the foundation and make sure it doesn’t get patchy; it just works really well! I’d recommend these brushes to ANYONE, they are well worth the investment.
While I like the primer, I feel like there are probably better ones on the market. The product promises to reduce pores (something a lot of us struggle with), which it kind-of does, but when you have other products on the market that claim they can reduce pores AND reduce redness, it seems a bit silly to limit yourself to one thing USP.

Overall, I think the Real Techniques brush is well worth buying. The use you are likely to get out of that brush alone is worth the money (and it’s cheaper than MAC). The Wake Me Up Foundation is quite good, as I said before I still needed to top up throughout the day but I think that generally comes with every foundation. As for the primer, it’s ok for now but I might still keep my eyes open for a different one.


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