Sodding sick of UKIP

I’m getting sick of hearing about UKIP.

Yes, I realise it’s steeped in irony, but given that they ‘won’ the European Elections, I had to finally say something. 

For the past two months (probably longer, I’ve lost track) the BBC and the Guardian (amongst others) have done a brilliant job in promoting Nigel Farage, so much so that other parties (i.e. Labour) went under the radar; or as much as a Mr Bean look-alike can do. According to the May edition of Private Eye, we have the Tories to thank for this, as usual. The writer claims that they have bribed some newspapers into constantly publishing negative news stories involving UKIP to discourage voters.
This established the pattern of publishing a ‘UKIP are Racist-loonies’ story, and for the sake of ‘balance’ the BBC would invite Farage onto BBC Breakfast, or Sunday Politics, or Andrew Marr in order to win back support.

While I find it fair for parties to have their say (even the BNP got some air-time), this constant cycle became incredibly boring. As though no-one had anything better to talk about!
I find it incredulous that the Tories thought attempting to shame UKIP was more important than working to support the search for the (STILL) missing Nigerian Schoolgirls, or sending aid to those effected by the floods in Eastern Europe.
No, instead they decided to plate up votes for UKIP.
Typical, stupid Tories.

Obviously, I don’t support UKIP (or the Tories), their whole argument is flawed. While I agree that the UK would be better off out of the EU, UKIP’s ridiculous belief that THEY would have the power and authority to organise a referendum and act upon the results… Well, frankly the only person who could entertain the matter is David Cameron; and we all know he’s more interested in getting a ‘better deal’ for Britain rather than quit altogether.
I think UKIP forgot that this was a EUROPEAN election, and not a GENERAL election.
But then maybe not…
I’ll giving them the benefit of the doubt anyway, for now.. you know, in the name of fairness.

I read earlier in the week that UKIP only received 27% of the vote. Some people interpreted this as ‘73% of Britons WANT to be in the EU’.
Firstly, the WHOLE of the UK needs to vote, not just those that take an interest or can be bothered to walk to the polling station on the day. Secondly, the predicament coming up to the election was that people wanted to express their desire to leave the EU, but didn’t want to associate themselves with a controversial party; so it’s entirely plausible that people didn’t vote UKIP, but still want to leave the EU.
Unfortunately, no other (powerful) party offered that opportunity.
Tell a lie, Cameron offered a ‘referendum by the end of 2017’, but thankfully quite a large number of voters could smell that pile of steaming horse-shit all the way from 10 Downing Street!

Anyway, I look forward to the BBC getting over their love-affair with Farage. At least enough to start reporting some REAL news, instead of letting the Government reign without scrutiny.

On a lighter note, Nick Griffin (BNP) is out of a job, and does any one else think Farage looks like Sam the Eagle?  



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