To the best friend I left behind..

…how are you?

We haven’t spoken in months, about 5 if I had to guess, I bet a lot has changed since then.
Of course, the chances of you actually reading this are incredibly slim, but still, it’s worth a try.

To be honest, recently I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic about school, things have happened around me which have made me wish we could all be back together again, as a little support group maybe. We were always good at that as a group I think, supporting each other and creating laughter.

I’m sure I told you once before that I’d always be there for you, and that is still the case, though I feel like there are some things we still need to sort out. Either way, you’re always welcome.
It’s not like we didn’t have a laugh together, in fact the last year with you in Psychology has probably been one of the best of my school days.
I’m glad you seem to have a really strong new friendship group, I’ll admit it’s been hard not being a part of it, I felt pushed away right before I left to be honest, and I’m not sure that was intentional. But still, I’m glad you seem to be ok.

Where are you looking for uni?
You’d love it here, the Starbucks is a great size, theres even one on campus, though I do miss the Waterstones Starbucks at home, doesn’t quite have the same feel to it sadly. The buildings are pretty too and the river is good to sit next to and write. I assume you are still writing, you’ve always had more persistence than me, I could never finish something other than a blog post or an essay and even that is a struggle! You wouldn’t believe what I’ve had to read for a literature module I’m studying… The Hunger Games. Oh, and Harry Potter to top it off! You can imagine I was thrilled with that one.

Anyway, on the off chance that you DO read this, remember I do still own a phone, and that, again, I’ll always be there for you.
Above all things, I hope your happy.


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