As recommended by a friend.

Last night I watched The Soul Keeper on YouTube, after hearing about it from a close friend of mine.

After a rather stressful day, I decided I’d sit down and watch it, considering I didn’t really fancy doing anything else with effort. I’ll be perfectly, honest, I wasn’t really expecting much because it wasn’t something I’d heard of before, but I’m pleased to say I judged pretty incorrectly.

Being interested in psychology, I was hooked pretty much instantly. It also helped that the story was true (aside from the scenes added for dramatic effect) and the lead actress is Emilia Fox, which is generally a bonus all round.

The film was released in 2002, and is quite similar to A Dangerous Method that’s just recently opened, starring Keira Knightley (yet another beautiful actress). It’s based on the life of Sabina Spielrein and her relationship with Dr Carl Jung, amongst other things. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve never felt more upset watching a film than I have watching this one, simply because her life seems to have gone from bad to okay, and then to pretty much disastrous.

I won’t reveal very much in case you decide you’d like to watch it, however one thing I will say about the film, is that the ‘modern day’ story-line is totally unnecessary, the film could have easily been more successful had it not featured a rather tired-looking Glaswegian historian and a young Russian/French woman who steals diaries for some reason. Another thing I’ll say, is that it was very difficult for me to see Iain Glen as Dr Jung, particularly when he shows some emotion. I found it a far cry from Sir Richard Carlisle, the character he plays in the wonderful Downton Abbey.

But anyway, all in all, an enjoyable film, though do be careful of sinking into depression.



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